WWE Evolves: A 7-Dimensional Anatomy of the New Era

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WWE Evolves: A 7-Dimensional Anatomy of the New Era

WWE has pulled all the stops and delivered a show for ages at “WWE Money in the Bank 2011” and then has followed it up with historic Raw last night. If outcomes of MITB were surprising and exciting, then the ending of Raw was flabbergasting and curious.

There are many questions still left unanswered. There are many loose ends. However, one thing is certain that for once the much debated PG era has turned its tide and the new era is here. Let us remember that future lies in questions, not the answers. It is the journey of seeking answers, which determine and define the presence. With new question marks, WWE has ushered itself in a new era and that is beyond doubt.

It might be too early to name it. But the nature of the new era is a topic worth discussing. It therefore is the right time and right moment to dwell upon some fantastic dimensions of this interesting saga.

Let us see, what are going to be our focal points of the discussion here.

  1. Tracing the Backdrop
  2. Transfusion of Times
  3. How the foundation was set.
  4. A Synthesis of Eras
  5. What would be its USP 1?
  6. What would be its USP 2?
  7. Vince McMahon - Age of an emperor ends

Now as we have set our panorama in sight, let us begin our ride.

Disclaimer: This article contains neither any spoiler nor any cry for a doomsday. Read at your risk.

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