Expectations of How Alberto Del Rio Will Use the Raw Briefcase

Dave PierceyContributor IIIJuly 18, 2011

First off, I'll point out that I was not in the group that suggested that Alberto Del Rio would win the case. I think from Vince McMahon's character's standpoint, forcing Punk into defending the title to the number one contender based on the triple threat match would have made more sense, but that's just me.

Next, acknowledging that Vince tried to use ADR's briefcase to get the WWE title off CM Punk was expected.  However, I don't think I saw ANYONE predict that he would fail.  Vince will no doubt be furious about this and should take his vengeance tomorrow.

There are a ton of ways that ADR will use (or not use) the briefcase.

The prospect that I would least look forward to is more destiny promos until Del Rio finally cashes in after becoming ever more irritating on the mic and finds the opportune time to get a quick win over whoever is champion.  That, however, is not what I'll be expecting.

On the coattails of a fantastic Money in the Bank PPV, tomorrow's Raw should see Vince at his finest. The boss has got be be on an absolute rampage and along with the "firing" of John Cena we should see Vince go after ADR. Vince will be the one who determines what happens with that briefcase.

One option would be the simply strip ADR of the case given that the WWE title is no longer a part of the company since Punk left with it.

However, I don't see Vince giving up that easy on losing the belt. I will say that it's safe to assume the Del Rio vs. Cena match will not happen at Summerslam at this point, though.

Instead of giving up on the belt, I think that Vince will bait Punk into a Summerslam match.  Punk will face the boss himself. Punk will not accept this match until a week or two before the event, but I think that the stipulation could be that if Vince wins, he gets the title. If Punk wins, he gets any contract stipulations that he wants and Vince must deliver.

Maybe it's just me, but that could be a match that provides some nice buys for the bigger PPV. Questions about how Summerslam will top MITB are already circling given that the bigger PPV will likely now be a lesser event. Punk vs. Vince sounds even better than Del Rio vs. Cena to me.

What does this have to do with the briefcase? Well, I think that after this match ADR cashes in his case.  What's more, Del Rio will get cheered for it.

Tomorrow on Raw, Vince will make ADR re-earn his briefcase, making a claim that if he wasn't able to do it last night, that ADR's destiny ought to be getting fired along with Cena. This leads to a match with Cena and ADR facing a strong tag team, maybe Mark Henry and R-Truth.  

If Cena and ADR win, ADR keeps his briefcase, however I still think Cena should get "fired' to give time for new face power in Del Rio and possibly Punk if he stops by for some promos before Summerslam. If Truth and Henry win, Truth gets the briefcase, Henry becomes No. 1 contender on Smackdown, and ADR and Cena are both fired. This match also allows a face turn for Del Rio, but I don't know what that would necessarily look like.

ADR and Cena win, leading to more Vince torment and his split attention going into a match with Punk. Vince will win the title with help, but Cena and Del Rio will come out after the match. Cena does the superman act and clears house while ADR gets ready to cash in on Vince.

New destiny-fulfilled champion: Alberto Del Rio.

Maybe this is far-fetched, but just my initial idea. Please take a look at my thoughts about Daniel Bryan's briefcase run. Spoiler on that: it would not be possible for both of my scenarios to happen.

Also, comment below on what you think of this scenario.  What do you think will happen with the Raw briefcase?