New York Jets: Favre Becoming a Liability?

Sean O'BrienCorrespondent INovember 3, 2008

We all know the story.  Favre retired, then unretired, then caused all sorts of drama for the Packers, finally being signed by the New York Jets.  The old gunslinger was out to prove he still had it.  The Jets were out to prove they had enough talent to get back to the postseason.

After winning their first game against ex-starter Chad Pennington and the Dolphins, the Jets would drop the next two against Super Bowl favorites New England and San Diego.

Against New England, Favre under threw a pass to Chris Baker, which Brandon Meriweather easily picked off.  If it weren't for his lone TD pass, the loss probably would've been placed squarely on Favre's shoulders.  Instead, the coaching staff was called out for conservative play-calling, rightly so.

The game against San Diego started like a shootout and ended as a 48-29 loss where Favre threw three TDs and two picks, one of which was returned for a touchdown and gave the Chargers a 17-7 lead.

Another shootout would ensue during Week Four, where the Jets capitalized on multiple turnovers to handily defeat the Cardinals 56-35.  Favre threw a record high six touchdown passes with a lone interception.

The game against Arizona was supposed to be Favre's coming out party, the beginning of what would be a high-scoring offense that would propel the Jets into the postseason.

Heading into a bye week, Favre had led his team to a 2-2 start.

Instead of continuing his success as the Jets starter, Brett threw two interceptions and a lone touchdown in a win over the Bengals.  His poor performance was written off because of his performance the week before.

Entering Week Seven, Favre had a chance to once again prove he was worth what the Jets had spent on him.  He responded by throwing a pair of interceptions and no touchdown passes in an overtime loss to Oakland.  Not exactly an impressive showing.

Week Eight was supposed to be a bounce-back week after the ugly loss.  Up next was lowly Kansas City.  This game should've been no problem for the wily old veteran, right?  Wrong.

We saw a mixture of the good Brett and the bad Brett in this narrow 28-24 win over the Chiefs.  Though he drove his team down the field for the winning score, he also threw three interceptions that game.

This put his touchdown to interception ratio at 15-11.  Without the awesome Arizona game, that would leave him at nine TDs and 10 interceptions on the season.

More and more, Favre was starting to look like a liability instead of the big playmaker he was brought on to be.

Finally, we come to Week Nine.  The Jets were at Buffalo to face the Bills in a key divisional rivalry.

This time, Favre wasn't asked to be a gunslinging superstar by his team, he was asked to manage the game and not turn the ball over.  He accomplished this task...for most of the game.

With a 23-10 lead, Favre chucked the ball to the sidelines right before a defender knocked him to the ground.  Buffalo's Jabari Greer intercepted the pass and took it to the house.

Brett would end the game with no TD passes and the above mentioned interception.

The rest of his team played the game exceptionally.  The defense easily stuffed the run and intercepted Bills QB Trent Edwards twice.  Thomas Jones notched a seven yard TD run under his belt and kicker Jay Feely completed 4-of-5 kicks.

Though the Jets would win the game and enter a three-way tie for first place in the AFC East, it was not because of their superstar QB.  As a matter of fact, he was the only reason the game was as close as it was.

This begs the question, will Favre be the reason the Jets get into the playoffs, or the reason they never reach the postseason?  What are your thoughts?