2008 NFL Draft: Philadelphia Eagles Draft Options

Josh NiemtzowCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2008

We all know the Philadelphia Eagles.  They are known for their bad drafting and their concept of "we must draft a lineman." 

The Eagles have many needs, including secondary, safety, a priority, defensive lineman, linebacker and possibly even cornerback. 

On offense, the Eagles need a receiver, a tight end and a fullback. Let's look at some of the probable options that could be available to the Eagles when nineteenth pick comes up.

Five hopeful picks...


1. DeSean Jackson, WR out of California 

Best kick returner in college football.  He's comparable to Miami's Ted Ginn, but has more ability and talent.


2. Aqib Talib, CB out of Kansas

He's a very good option at cornerback because of his size and talent.  The Eagles should have learned they need a tall cornerback to cope with Plaxico Burress of the Giants and, of course, Terrell Owens of the Cowboys.


3. Kenny Phillips, S out of Miami

Many good players have come from Miami, including Clinton Portis, Frank Gore, Vinny Testavarde, Warren Sapp and two secondary players, Sean Taylor, and Ed Reed, proving that Miami has a tough program that prepares it's players for the nfl.


4. Early Doucet, WR out of LSU

He's a good, big play receiver with good speed and good hands. He'll be a big game receiver.


5. Dan Connor, LB out of Penn State University

Overall good in all areas. Could be a great product.


What probably will happen...


1. DeSean Jackson, WR out of California 

He's a possibility since the Eagles are definitely hurting at receiver.


2. Derrick Harvey, DE out of Florida

I only anticipate this since drafting him would coinside with the 'lineman' the Eagles like to draft.


3. Calais Campbell, DE out of Miami

See Derrick Harvey.


4. Sedrick Ellis, DT out of USC

If available at pick 19, which is highly unlikely.  The Eagles may be tempted to pick him after seeing little to no improvement from 2006 draftee Brodrick Bunkley


5. Dan Connor

A real possibility if on the board. The Eagles seem to like players that go to schools close to the area.   Just look at Westbrook. The linebacker position is an area they will have to address in the future, so why not start now?


Thank you for reading my article! Hope you enjoy....