Al Davis and Jerry Jones: Why Meddling Owners Will Never Succeed.

steve tripeCorrespondent INovember 2, 2008

As i long time Raider fan i write this to you to say until Al either changes his ways or is no longer Raiders owner i cannot follow this team,  they are not why i became a fan in the first place. 

over the years the NFL game has changed so dramatically and Al is still living in the 70s.  The NFL game is so cerebral,  but most of all you need a good GM and solid coaching staff that stays stable over the years.  whatever happens building chemistry is the answer. 

I am a big fan of Bill Parcels.   has anyone seen his method of success.   And he wont have to worry about a meddling owner interfering in his makeup of the team.  Like the master chef says,  if your going to prepare the meal you have to be able to select the ingredients.   He has made a no talent team of the Dolphins into a .500 team now,  crushing the Pats,  Chargers and a real good Buffalo team in the process and 2 plays away from 6-2.   He is the epitome of a great team constructor putting a system and players in the best fit for what they have.  He made the Cowboys a contender since his tenure there and yet got so fed up with Jerry Jones making moves, interefering in his affairs that he just said ok, bye have fun trying to make a winner.  and now we can see a rapid decline in that team and they look worse than the Dolphins with so much more talent. 

Al Davis is obviously the worst case owner of meddling and messing with the coaching staff.  The amazing irony about Al is,  he wants to win right away and the best person for that cause would have been Bill Parcels, but there's no way on Gods green earth that he would ever even consider it,  and it has been said he was a good friend of Al's.  The only coach with  success since the start of Free Agency has been John Gruden, and he didn't take any stuff from Al.  he changed the whole culture of the Raiders motto,  throw it deep, and turned them into a west coast offense and they nearly won a SB with it, even despite Gruden being gone the year they made it which was right after John Gruden left, but it was still his system.  with some veteran players and a good solid Quarterback Gruden was able to take the Raiders to several winning seasons,  and 3 straight playoff years,  even early this decade, if you can believe that.  But John could not take Al's meddling and finally just left.   It just shows that Al has no clue what wins.  in the NFL coaching is everything with stability and building chemistry.  Chemistry is soo vital to any team trying to build a winner.  but you must hire well first.  and when you do, here's an idea Al Davis,  stay out of the way.  the latest to go, Kiffin, may or may not have been the answer,  but you could see a slow growing process of stability and competitiveness.  in fact last year Kiffin had the Raiders competitive all year and was looking bright for the future, but of course Al interferes again, causing Al to take other actions.  Al says he wants someone loyal,  so what was the problem with Gruden huh Al.  there's a Coach whose winning yet, because he doesn't follow your input you drive him to insanity so he just couldn't take it and left.  How about Al staying loyal to coaches for a change.  give them some time to work.  and here's a thought, get a real GM of todays world. 

An NFL team needs stability and chemistry from the top down to be a success, and dont just hire anyone,  hire well then stay out of the way.  And why is it soo hard for people to still not follow the old saying if it aint broke dont fix it.  and vice versa. 

Just take a look at the successful NFL teams of this past decade,  SteelersGiantsPatriotsTitans,  and any of Parcels teams or his students teams.  Stability and chemistry over time wins.  Patriots under the same coach and even without their superstar Quarterback Tom Brady are still winning,  same system with chemistry and recipe for success.  The Steelers have only had 3 coaches in over 30 yrs,  they have been competitive for most of this decade and are right there still.  Continuity and chemistry again.  the NFL today is in the greatest need of  good solid stable coaching staff and GM.