Oakland Raiders: NFL's Must See TV Comedy

Stewart UptonContributor INovember 2, 2008

It’s the NFL’s funniest comedy. 

And the Oakland Raiders have the league’s highest payroll to reflect their esteemed status due to continued high ratings and loyal fan base.  

It is especially laughable for the Raider’s opponents while playing against Oakland

If you don’t believe me just watch the game and you’ll see Raider opponents are ‘mucking it up’ throughout the game.

Last week a sports columnist claimed that the Baltimore Ravens didn’t need a ‘real’ bye week after they played the Raiders.

Now he can add the Atlanta Falcons to a list that already included the Denver Broncos and the New Orleans Saints.

Although the Broncos actually thought it was still pre-season.

With the worst record in the NFL in the past 5 seasons the Raiders these days are only able to compete effectively against teams for the worst record, worst offense as well as worst defense.

The fans have already started talking about positioning for next year’s draft.

The Detroit Lions need to win a couple of games along with the Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals in order for us to ensure good standing for a top five draft pick.

“WE MUST DRAFT (Michael) CRABTREE!!!!! I don’t care if we have to trade for a top 5 pick, that’s if we’re not in the top 5,” R.A.W. posted on the popular Inside the Oakland Raiders blog of the Oakland Tribune’s website.

In today’s game against Atlanta, the Raider’s offense could not attain a first down and were an overall negative 2 yards for the entire first half of the Atlanta game.

There were some serious parts to Sunday’s game though. 

The Raiders defense played decent in the second half with a fourth down stop and a blocked punt.

Yet, with 3:17 left in the 4th quarter, the Raider’s defense was determined to keep the spirit of the 3-hour comedy going.

So, number 58 Kalimba Edwards pushed into an Atlanta Falcon offensive lineman on a 4th and 1 when after he jumped offsides and didn’t have contact he made sure to mess the play up by not jumping back onsides and pushing into the Falcon lineman.

At half time of the Atlanta game, interim head coach Tom Cable told them they needed to decide if they wanted to be out on the filed or not; basically he told them to ‘man up.’

I think this meant something to JaMarcus Russell because after halftime I saw him standing up on the sidelines supporting his team (near the final minutes of the game); up from his usual position of sitting on the bench when not playing.

I tell you though, Russell keeps me in stitches during the game when he does that thing where he brings the ball back to pass and then it falls out of his hands. 

Russell gets me every time when he does that (at least once or more a game).

Seriously though, while I am laughing on the outside I really am crying on the inside.

I wonder how long this is going to continue before I need to ask some of the old Saints fans for the bag they use to wear to the game.