First Wish: Mark Teixeira Signs With Chicago Cubs

Ricky ButtsCorrespondent INovember 2, 2008

It was well publicized in the NLDS that the Chicago Cubs lineup was right hand heavy.  They were lacking a left handed power bat outside of Jim Edmonds.

Lets put just how power deficient they were into perspective.  Ryan Howard had 48 home runs, Adam Dunn 40, Carlos Delgado 38 and Ryan Ludwick had 37.  The entire Chicago Cubs team hit 52.  If you subtract Jim Edmonds 19 home runs from the equation, the remaining Cubs hit 33, the exact number that Mark Teixeira hit.

Mark Teixeira will be the most sought after hitter in this free agent year.  He is likely to get a lot of attention from numerous big market teams.  Most notably the Yankees and the Red Sox.  Baltimore will find their way into the discussion and the Angels will do everything they can to retain him. 

While looking at the teams, Chicago seems to be the best fit.  They are coming off of back to back division championships, and look to continue their success.  They are returning virtually everyone from their 2008 lineup.  Protection would not be a concern, this lineup is possibly the best 1-8 in baseball.

Now, there are a few obstacles for the Chicago Cubs.  They already have a veteran manning first base.  That is veteran Derek Lee, who also has a full no trade clause, and under contract through 2010.  There are positives though.  If Derek was to waive his no trade clause, it would have to be to a contending team.  The Yankees, Red Sox, and Angels could find themselves interested in Lee if Teixeira was to fall off their board.

The best fit for Lee would be with the Boston Red Sox.  Their has already been talk about them moving Youkilis to third base to replace oft injured Mike Lowell, to make room for Teixeira.  Why not for Lee?  That would give Boston the most sure-handed combination of corner infielders in baseball.  Not to mention, their offense wouldn't suffer.

The biggest problem for the Cubs may be the impending sale of the club.  Big off season moves may not be in the cards until a deal is struck and ownership changes hands.  On the other hand, Chicago Cubs officials have said from day one that the sale of the team does not factor in their personnel moves, and thus far seems to be true.  Making a blockbuster deal like this would put any speculation to rest.

If "First Wish" were to come true, this would be the Cubs potential lineup as of time of the signing.

1. Alfonso Soriano LF

2. Ryan Theriot SS

3. Mark Teixera 1B

4. Aramis Ramirez 3B

5. Kosuke Fukudome RF

6. Geovany Soto C

7. Mark DeRosa 2B

8. Felix Pie CF


"First Wish" is the first segment out of three in a series of moves that writer Ricky Butts would like to see the Chicago Cubs make.

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