Q&A with New York Yankees Prospect Kramer Sneed

Nicholas PuglieseContributor IIIJuly 10, 2011

(Courtesy of TPBP)
(Courtesy of TPBP)

First Inning: What was it like being drafted by the Yankees with all of the tradition and pride that comes with it?

Being drafted is an amazing feat in and of itself but to be drafted by the team with the most history and prestige is on another level. I felt and still feel honored to have a chance to play for the most storied franchise in major league history.


Second Inning-:What is your philosophy when you get on the mound? What do you think you need to do in order to be successful?

Each time I step on the rubber, I tell myself, “Dig.” A simple three-letter word that helps me lock in and focus on the task at hand. “Digging” in my head means to fight and work to execute each pitch as well as I can. I feel that if I do this, I am giving myself a great chance to be successful.


Third Inning: Is there a pitcher in the Majors now that you try to model yourself after?

Honestly, I try to model myself after Jon Lester, hopefully that doesn’t offend any Yankee fans, but his mentality is so unshakable each time he pitches, I hope I can be that good one day. I try to model after his bulldog mentality especially.


Fourth Inning: You were drafted just last year and you are already in High-A. What has contributed to your quick rise through the organization?

I think left-handers in general move a little quicker simply because there are fewer of us in the organization. But also I feel my versatility to be able to start or relieve helped me move quickly.


Fifth Inning: Which teammate(s) has/have really impressed you in the year or so that you’ve been in the organization?

Nik Turley’s improvement from last year to this year has really impressed me. I feel like he has gone from a good pitcher to a dominant one in less than a year, and he is doing it against better hitters this year.


Sixth Inning: If there is one thing you need to improve upon going forward to make you a better pitcher and bring you to the next level, what would that be?

I feel like I need to eliminate the big mistakes on the mound that I’ve had the tendency to give up. Home runs have really hurt me this year, and I feel like if I can stop giving them up,I will really turn the corner on my potential as a pitcher in this organization.


Seventh Inning: You have spent time starting games and spent time in relief. Which do you prefer and why?

I like starting because I feel like it is my game to lose from Pitch No. 1. However, if I’m coming out of the bullpen, there are more variables to how much I can affect the outcome of the game. So, I guess I like starting a little more than relieving but feel I can, and have been, effective In both roles.

Seventh Inning Stretch- This is the off-topic question. If you could have four tickets to any music concert, you have to take one family member, one teammate, one male celebrity, and one female celebrity, what concert do you go to and who do you take?

Wow, what a question…the concert I would choose to go to would have to be a Ke$ha concert, because I could dance all night with my date Carrie Underwood while my little brother Logan and Adam Sandler keep the adoring fans entertained with their comedy act all night.

I’d like to thank Kramer for giving us some of his time and wish him luck the best of luck.

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