1. Jon Lester: "We’re right there with ‘em. There’s no reason why we can’t beat these guys." #Cubs #Cardinals

  2. Jon Lester Delivered for Cubs in Year 1 of Megadeal

  3. Lester Won't Pitch in Game 4 with Cubs' Season on Line

  4. Lester: Epstein's 'Arrogance' Convinced Me to Sign with Cubs

  5. Cubs Name Lester as NLCS Game 1 Starter, Arrieta in Game 2

  6. NLDS Game 1, Cardinals 4, #Cubs 0: John Lackey Outpitches Jon Lester #stlcards #mlbpostseason http://t.co/Ee5LpIB1o8 http://t.co/Cv369gEhun

  7. FYI, The Cubs have not discussed bringing Jon Lester back on 3 days rest if there is a Game 4. Says its doubtful but not impossible.

  8. Cubs not likely to bring Jon Lester back on 3 days rest http://t.co/jTF5FKds0d

  9. Cubs Not Likely to Bring Lester Back on Short Rest

  10. Lester Shows Worth in Cubs Playoff Debut

  11. Lester Peaking at Right Time for Cubs

  12. #Cubs aren't looking for Jon Lester to start Game 4 on short rest vs. #Cardinals: http://t.co/hjpDNpOnsk

  13. Joe Maddon says that Jon Lester is unlikely to start Game 4 of the NLDS on short rest. http://t.co/0BAsJQDIZb http://t.co/bagxWdLqLT

  14. If #Cardinals push this series to a Game 5, #Cubs have no plans to use Jake Arrieta out of the bullpen after Jon Lester.

  15. Lester Sets Cubs Record for Strikeouts by Lefty

  16. How Lester Fits into Wild-Card Picture for Cubs

  17. Lester Should Be Cubs' Do-or-Die WC Game Ace

  18. Only pitchers Joe Maddon has left: Pedro Strop, Hector Rondon, Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks.

  19. Jon Lester in high school. "Someday I'd like to win The World Series with the #Cubs & #RedSox " "Ha, sure kid." http://t.co/RC0YtFUsOh

  20. Joe Maddon, Jon Lester, Eddie Vedder and many more celebrate a bash long-coming at Wrigley: http://t.co/gFVqML3r3n http://t.co/cNYxLO83QU

  21. Lester Records First Pickoff Since 2011

  22. Jon Lester will indeed start Game 1 of the NLCS for the Cubs

  23. Jon Lester named Cubs NLCS Game 1 starter http://t.co/VfpR5gcKD5

  24. Jon Lester will start Game 1 of NLCS for @Cubs. Lester in postseason career: 6-5, 1.05 WHIP, 2.66 ERA, 3.4 K-BB ratio in 91.1 IP

  25. Jon Lester Will Start Game One of the NLCS for the Chicago Cubs http://t.co/m6MfsqFaoV #Cubs http://t.co/vIGe31xz7t

  26. #Cubs Set #NLCS Games 1 and 2 Rotation: Jon Lester, Then Jake Arrieta #mlbpostseason http://t.co/EoYw7bnprv http://t.co/TAWxzjuEZn

  27. Cubs announce Jon Lester as Game 1 starter, Jake Arrieta in Game 2 http://t.co/xLCuDtyslj via @cbssports http://t.co/48iz6CZalw

  28. Jon Lester, not Jake Arrieta, will start Game 1 of NLCS for #Cubs http://t.co/0OOnIDDshD

  29. Chicago Cubs tab Jon Lester, Jake Arrieta to start the 1st two games of the NLCS. http://t.co/KrhVJqVCDn #FlyTheW http://t.co/vj809zK3P9

  30. #Cubs Jon Lester to start Game 1 of NLDS. Maddon says that's "tasty" http://t.co/iZJh43PpUt http://t.co/ylcF92Pckf

  31. ICYMI, Jon Lester Will Start Game One of the NLCS for the Chicago Cubs http://t.co/m6MfsqFaoV #Cubs http://t.co/EbRQudxNfr

  32. (Video) Cubs' David Ross on Jon Lester http://t.co/RX0PMwcMSW

  33. So the NLCS is set: Game 1, Saturday night, Citi Field, 8 p.m., Cubs' Jon Lester vs. Mets' Matt Harvey. Should be wild.

  34. Cubs press conferences w Joe Maddon and Jon Lester to begin shortly.

  35. Jon Lester on the #Cubs 107-year drought: It's got to end sometime, right?

  36. Asked Jon Lester if Cubs are starting to have '04 #RedSox feel to them: "(The curse) has to end sometime, right?" http://t.co/VuVzwtQTeK

  37. Jon Lester on Cubs championship drought: "It's gotta end sometime, right?"

  38. Jon Lester said Theo Epstein was "arrogant" (in a good way) on selling him on the Cubs young players when recruiting him to sign.

  39. Before Jon Lester agreed to join 2015 Cubs, Theo Epstein had to convince him they wouldn't be 2014 #RedSox. Column: http://t.co/NZJddLOzrd

  40. Jon Lester kept #Cubs focused on the idea of winning the World Series in 2015: http://t.co/LsfvInpWNw

  41. Lending a hand at the NLCS, where Cubs G1 starter Jon Lester thinks Chicago is right on schedule: http://t.co/kywqYlA8EC

  42. Here's how the #Mets have fared against the #Cubs' Jon Lester | http://t.co/jEUon47Xlz http://t.co/LIxD1uAQBU

  43. Cubs @ Mets coming up soon. Matt Harvey vs. Jon Lester.

  44. Cubs down 1-0 through one after Daniel Murphy disagreed with the lifestyle of a Jon Lester pitch.

  45. Jon Lester coaxes a double play from Michael Cuddyer in a scoreless second. #Mets 1, #Cubs 0, end 2

  46. Jon Lester with a 1-2-3 frame. #Mets 1, #Cubs 0, end 3

  47. Aside from one pitch to Murphy, Jon Lester is pitching a heck of a game so far. Mets 1, Cubs 0 at the end of three innings.

  48. Interesting decision by the Cubs to steal there. The Mets are obviously walking David Ross intentionally, with Jon Lester due up next.

  49. Matt Harvey Ks Jon Lester to leave go-ahead run on third base. #Mets 1, #Cubs 1, mid-5

  50. Met second baseman Daniel Murphy, who homered against Jon Lester, on the history of Murphys versus the Cubs: "Is... http://t.co/7jSinOXF8m