Top 10 Athlete-Celebrity Look-Alikes! Long Lost Relatives

Frank PassalacquaAnalyst IIJuly 9, 2011

Top 10 Athlete-Celebrity Look-Alikes! Long Lost Relatives

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    They say everyone in the world has a twin. 

    It's always entertaining to watch a sporting event and see somebody on TV a few minutes later that looks just like the person you were watching before. With thousands of athletes and actors in the world, it's bound that some of them will look alike.

    I composed a slideshow of the 10 best athlete-celebrity look-alikes that will be sure to have you thinking if they're related. Long lost brothers are a great thing to see in Hollywood and ESPN!

    Check it out and be sure to comment on some others you may know!

10. Eli Manning and Michael Phelps

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    I remember watching the Olympics a few years ago when Michael Phelps absolutely destroyed everyone and was the most popular guy in the world.

    Then it cut to a commercial-break with New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, and it immediately reminded me of Phelps. 

    The picture doesn't to justice, but when you see the two on TV, they can pass for brothers. Heck, I think they look more like bros than Eli and Peyton do. 

9. Rick Pitino and Tony Montana (Al Pacino)

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    Say hello to my little friend, Ricky Pitino!

    Yes, Tony Montana and Al Pacino playing as Tony Montana from Scarface do have some resemblances.

    While Pitino spends his time as the Louisville Cardinals basketball coach in the NCAA, Al Pacino spends his time as a Hollywood actor. 

    These two Italians can pass for family. 

8. Jim Kleinsasser and Jack Black

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    This one makes me laugh. Jim Kleinsasser of the Minnesota Vikings and Jack Black of Hollywood.

    Now the two look more alike than the picture shows, but try finding a picture where Jack is head-on like that. The two can certainly pass for brothers for the looks, but I'm not sure about the personality.

    Everyone who knows Jack Black knows he's a crazy hyper kind of guy, maybe Kleinsasser is too? 

    Long lost brothers- I think so. 

7. Kyle Korver and Ashton Kutcher

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    I remember catching this one way back when Ashton Kutcher hosted Mtv's 'Punk*d' while Kyle Korver played basketball for the Philadelphia 76ers. 

    However, once again I do not feel like the pictures do enough justice for the pair. Watching the to on TV though does give you a slightly better idea of the guys. 

    Either way, I think they can both pass for brothers. I don' think Korver can get away with Demi though. 

6. Kevin Kolb and Joshua Jackson

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    I first noticed this one in the beginning of last years NFL season.

    I'm a big Philadelphia Eagles fan, and Kolb started the season as the starting quarterback. On a Sunday afternoon right before kickoff, it showed Kolb talking to some teammates, then it cut to commercial.

    That commercial was one for the show 'Fringe.' Joshua Jackson is he star of that, and he looks a lot like Kolb on game day.

    If you are a Fringe fan, then you can see the striking resemblance between the two. 

5. Andy Roddick and Seann William Scott

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    Can you honestly say you don't see it? 

    Andy Roddick is a professional tennis player and Seann William-Scott is an actor. They have the same hair, eyes, nose, mouth, everything! 

    If Roddick was a little more scruffy, then it'd be a dead match.

    These two have to be related in some way or another. 

4. Alexander Ovechkin and Richard Kiel

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    This one is hilarious. More like long lost father and son if you ask me.

    The dominant NHL player definitely seems like the man we all know as Jaws from the James Bond movies. Except Kiel is significantly older, so the father/son scenario would make more sense. 

    Come on, you know this is funny. 

3. Sidney Crosby and Andy Samberg

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    Yup, brothers for life.

    Everyone knows of Sidney Crosby, the best NHL player in the league arguably. Doesn't he seem like a perfect match with SNL's Andy Samberg?

    Regardless of what anyone says, yes they do. Maybe Samberg's hair is a little more dry at all times, but if you swapped them for the day, somebody would be scoring less goals.  

2. Cal Ripken Jr. and Steve Wilkos

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    Brothers? Eh. Twins? Yeah.

    Cal Ripken Jr. could pass for the mean TV host in Steve Wilkos. Even their parents would probably have to stop and think of which one is which.

    The first time I googled the two to put the picture together, I honestly got the two confused. 

1. Stan Van Gundy and Ron Jeremy

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    As painful as it is to think about, it's just as painful from laughing so hard. 

    Come on, these guys have to be related. I'm still convinced that Ron is just Stan after his hair was cut. Stan does have an actual brother Jeff Van Gundy, and that guy looks nothing like him at all!

    The Orlando Magic coach in Gundy and the porn star Ron Jeremy take the cake as my all-time favorite athlete/celebrity look-alike.