NFL: Possible Landing Spots for Donovan McNabb and Four Other Quarterbacks

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NFL: Possible Landing Spots for Donovan McNabb and Four Other Quarterbacks

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    A new off season always brings new rumors. This year there seems to be talks of a lot of valuable quarterbacks on the trading block.

    This list includes a future hall of famer looking for one more shot at a Super Bowl ring. It also has quarterbacks who are great game managers, and some looking to revive their careers.

    I've never been one for long introductions, so let's get to the good stuff and see some possible options....

Kevin Kolb

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    At one point Kevin Kolb seemed to be the successor to Donovan McNabb. Things changed once Michael Vick started garnering more attention.

    Kolb started out last season as the first string quarterback, but after suffering a concussion, Vick shined brightly.

    While management has stated they will do what is best for Kolb's career, he could be a nice tool into getting some future draft picks.

    Kolb is a guy who has a pretty solid arm and understanding of the game, but could use some work on his pocket composure. More playing time and a full season under his belt could help his abilities rise.

    I think Kolb ends up in the brutal NFC West, either with the Seattle Seahawks or Arizona Cardinals.

    With the NFC West being up for grabs, a good quarterback could be enough to help steal a playoff spot, this time hopefully with an above .500 record.

    With a Pro Bowl receiver in Larry Fitzgerald to help the 26-year-old Kolb reach his potential, I see him landing in Arizona for a lengthy stay.

    My Pick: Arizona Cardinals

Carson Palmer

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    According to Carson Palmer, it's either get traded or retire.

    Bengals' owner Mike Brown has preached that he will not trade Carson Palmer, but with the arrival of Andy Dalton, he could be reconsidering that.

    Palmer had an OK season statistically last year, but that's deceiving. He was terrible last year.

    The former first pick didn't seem to play with any emotion, leadership, or care for the Bengals last year. He often overthrew passes, or seemed to lack communication with his targets.

    Maybe having a egotistical duo of receivers contributed a little bit to it, but it's clear Palmer wants out of Cincinnati.

    Palmer is 31 years old, and besides a few injuries has always been a reliable quarterback. He has a strong arm, and with good chemistry with a receiving core can be a solid asset for a team looking to push for the playoffs.

    It's not out of the question that he can still be a Pro Bowler, but he would definitely need the right pieces around him.

    If Seattle doesn't bring back Matt Hasselbeck, odds are they will have to look elsewhere for someone to take snaps. Palmer, looking to revive his career, could be a decent fit in Seattle.

    Look for Palmer to reunite with former USC coach Pete Carroll in Seattle.

    My Pick: Seattle Seahawks

Vince Young

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    Vince Young can possibly be labeled a bust right now. In the right situation he does have the chance to be labeled as a good NFL quarterback.

    After some personal issues hampered Young's career in Tennessee, it is apparent he is not the future of the Titans organization. This can also be proven by the arrival of Jake Locker.

    Miami could be the place for Young to revive his career.

    If the Dolphins want to continue running their wildcat formation, they should look into getting some more offensive threats.

    While Henne is an average NFL quarterback, he does not fit well into that particular formation. Bringing in Vince Young would give them a better wildcat option.

    Young has speed to be a more realistic threat when lined up as a receiver, as he has the size and mobility of a tight end.

    He also has a strong arm, and with a little work on his accuracy can be a star in this league.

    If he can keep himself motivated and stay out of personal trouble, Miami could have a very good pick up in Young.

    My Pick: Miami Dolphins

Kyle Orton

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    Honestly, I feel bad for Kyle Orton.

    He isn't spectacular at any aspect of the quarterback position, but he doesn't lack anything either.

    Orton has proven to be a great game manager, and while he has never gotten comfortable in a guaranteed starting role, he has still been a big help to his teams.

    Unfortunately for Orton, I don't see this pattern changing.

    With Denver possibly looking to rebuild around former Heisman winner Tim Tebow, Orton is likely to be shipped out for a few draft picks.

    With Minnesota still a playoff hopeful, they could be looking for a veteran quarterback to hold the throne until Christian Ponder is ready.

    While many consider McNabb a possibility, Orton is a guy who can make an immediate contribution and be a good fit to work with Adrian Peterson.

    More importantly, he could help Ponder come along.

    Ponder is similar to Orton in a few ways. They both have average arms and mobility, and show great leadership ability and knowledge on the field.

    While Orton will get a lot of looks, look for him to end up in purple and gold.

    My Pick: Minnesota Vikings

Donovan McNabb

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    Donovan McNabb could be the hardest player on this list to choose a spot for. Many consider the Vikings a possible option, that isn't as promising as most think.

    McNabb has never been a journeyman as a quarterback, so he is likely looking for a place to finish out his hall of fame career.

    While Ponder looks to be the future in Minnesota, McNabb wouldn't make sense as his stay might be shorter than expected. If the Vikings are out of playoff contention towards the end of the season, Ponder might start getting snaps to gain some much needed experience.

    Anyway you put it, Ponder will be the everyday starter in 2012.

    I look for McNabb to land in a place that always gives players extra chances, Oakland.

    Yeah, I know Oakland just traded for a Washington quarterback last year, but he didn't pan out to well.

    The Raiders could be a sleeper in the terrible AFC West, and with a good, smart veteran quarterback they could challenge for a playoff spot.

    Al Davis has never been an owner afraid of making bold moves, and with a pretty good duo in the backfield, McNabb could serve as a legit option to get their passing game going.

    McNabb had his worst season in his career in Washington, eventually being replaced by Rex Grossman (yeah, that's embarrassing).

    Washington eventually signed him to a questionable extension shortly after benching him, but now it seems that he might not be there for much longer.

    With the Redskins looking to possibly rebuild, getting a few draft picks from Oakland wouldn't hurt.

    My Pick: Oakland Raiders


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    The fact is these guys aren't guaranteed to be traded, but it seems like they have high possibilities.

    Many teams will be gunning for these quarterbacks, and once the lockout ends a ton of deals will be discussed.

    Veteran quarterbacks like Marc Bulger and Matt Hasselbeck could be interesting to watch, but odds are they won't be first-string options.

    This year more than ever seems to be the year of the quarterback shuffle, so expect to see some fireworks.

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