Lazy Halloween Costumes for Sports Stars: 2008 Edition

Kevin PaulSenior Analyst IOctober 31, 2008

In honor of Halloween, I’ve come up with a list of Halloween costumes that can be easily put together for the sports stars of the world.

Why? Well, plain and simple, they look like them, so each individual can be lazy and basically go as themselves—er...the other celebrity that they look like.

Without further ado, I give you...

Lazy Halloween Costumes for Sports Stars: 2008 Edition*

Brad Childress (Head Coach, Minnesota Vikings) as Ned Flanders (The Simpsons)

Eric Gagne (Relief Pitcher, Milwaukee Brewers) as Seth Rogan (Actor)

Martin Gramatica (Kicker, New Orleans Saints) as Gazoo (The Flintstones)

The Stanford Tree (Mascot) as Pizza the Hut (Spaceballs)

Joe Paterno (Head Coach, Penn State) as Joe Pesci (Actor)

Craig Stadler (PGA Tour Golfer) as Wilford Brimley (Actor)

Stan Van Gundy (Head Coach, Orlando Magic) as Ron Jeremy (Adult Film Star)

Atari Bigby (Strong Safety, Green Bay Packers) as Bob Marley (Musician)

Pat Riley (Team President, Miami Heat) as Ted Danson (Actor)

Jason Campbell (Quarterback, Washington Redskins) as Lionel Richie (Musician)

Marv Levy (General Manager, Buffalo Bills) as Jason Robards (Late Actor)

Dirk Nowitzki (Forward, Dallas Mavericks) as Owen Wilson (Actor)

Bill Belichick (Head Coach, New England Patriots) as Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars)

Zinedine Zidane (Soccer Player) as Britney Spears (Musician)


* Includes a few new and a few old (from the 2007 edition)