NFL Week 9 Preview: Pats-Colts, Titans-Packers, Giants-Cowboys, and More!

Sean CroweSenior Writer IOctober 30, 2008

I’ve decided the shake things up a bit in this week’s preview column. Rather than spending a ton of time on a few big games, I’m going to spend a limited amount of time on all of the games.


The Bills took a huge step back last week, and they may be looking ahead to the Patriots. But the Jets are terrible, and I’m not sure they’re good enough to make the Bills pay for looking ahead.


Kyle Orton saved my fantasy football season after Carson Palmer tried to destroy it. The Lions are beyond awful.


Speaking of beyond awful, the Bengals might be the worst team ever.


Cleveland finally looks like the team we expected them to be coming into the season, with recent wins over the Giants and Jaguars. Baltimore is better than anyone thought they were going to be. Cleveland needs to win every AFC game left on their schedule if they want to hold on to their remote playoff hopes.


The Bucs are going to win this game by 18 points. At least.


I like the Texans. They had a tough start to the season due to bad weather and an unexpected bi-week, but I still think they have enough talent to compete in the AFC. They should beat the overrated Vikings this week.


The Rams are playing much better since the coaching change, but their pass defense is awful. The Cardinals can throw the ball as well or better than anyone. Not a good combination.


The last time the Titans were on the field, they were beating up the Colts. The last time the Packers were on the field, they were embarrassing the Colts. Now, the Titans are going to embarrass the Packers.


Is Miami a good team? Every time I count them out, they jump up and beat the Patriots, Bills, or Chargers. Teams I’m pretty sure are good. If they beat the Broncos, who are extremely beatable, I’m going to have to start taking the fish seriously.


There’s a chance Wade Phillips doesn’t make it to Tuesday. Especially if the Giants do what I’m expecting them to do to the struggling Cowboys.


The Al Davis Generals are no match for Matty Ice and the upstart Atlanta Falcons. This game won’t be close. Too bad there’s nobody left for Davis to fire…


Speaking of games that won’t be close…


The Pats and Colts have had a pretty entertaining rivalry the last 8 years. This game should be as entertaining as any they’ve played, even though both teams are shadows of what they once were. In the end, Peyton will be able to do whatever he wants against the Patriots’ young secondary.


The Steelers may not like it now, but the fact that they drew the NFC East this season is going to pay dividends for them come playoff time. Given the toughness of their schedule, if they can make the playoffs they’ll be tested and ready for anything the AFC can throw at them. They’ll beat Washington, rather easily.


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