WWE: Why I Think the Whiny, Pathetic and Hypocritical IWC Are Idiots

Jacob Waring@@Jacobin_WisdomAnalyst IIISeptember 3, 2011

A wrestling fan is smart. The collective members of the Internet Wrestling Community are dumb, panicky and dangerous sport fans, and you know it.

Before the age of Internet, everybody knew that pro wrestling was "real." Once the Internet was accessible to all, everybody learned pro wrestling was scripted. And for the last few weeks, we all speculated on whether or not CM Punk's storyline was shoot or scripted. Imagine what you'll know tomorrow or what rumors the collective IWC masses will gobble up.

Don't deny it; it's true—damn true! The Internet Wrestling Community acts like it knows it all just because they watch WWE or whatever other wrestling promotion programing for most of their lives. Simply watching something does not make you a walking encyclopedia that enables you to book and write the storylines out.

Many of you claim the wrong wrestlers are being pushed, but many also claim you would push the deserving ones. That's laughable, as who’s to be pushed and who's not is simply a matter of opinion. Many of you want John Morrison to be a key player in the main event, while others do not. Some claim Zach Ryder is overrated, while others spike their hair and proclaim he's just what the title picture needs.

I find it laughable that many claim they can produce TNA and WWE shows much better than their respective creative teams. All any of you can base that on is watching the programs? HA! I believe the majority of you never wrote a storyline for any promotion, and fantasy booking does not count.

Before I continue further, keep in mind that I am including myself as one of the whiny, pathetic and hypocritical fans. I am not immune to the the arrogance of believing that I can write the programs better and that I know everything about pro wrestling. I know better nowadays, but, occasionally, I do sometimes find myself proclaiming the hypocritical ideas that many scream to the heavens nowadays in a vain attempt to be heard.

Now, with that out of the way, where was I? Ah, yes, fantasy booking, which many fans attempt to do in order to prove that they can book wrestlers better than the men and women who are paid to book the events. Many fantasy book matches, PPVs and shows are just based on what they want or what the current trends are in the Internet Wrestling Community.

That's the issue as every booking is either the trends or what they want, but NOT what WWE's targeted demographic and casual fans want. Creative has to deal with wrestler's politics, their targeted demographic, Internet Wrestling Community and Vince McMahon. The combination of all those factors with the pressure of writing out a show is something none of us will truly understand until we are in that spot. 

The obsession of the attitude era needs to end as specific factors that made that era a boom event is a rarity. Ratings were between five and eight on the Nielsen Ratings scale, also add the fact that many of the wrestlers portrayed fascinating characters, and nearly all were very over with the crowds.

The Attitude Era is a once in a lifetime era that can never be duplicated again. Crying, moaning and begging the WWE to go back to TV-14 in hopes of reliving that era is pathetic. It doesn't matter if WWE is PG or TV-14, as television was not the sole factor that made the Attitude Era epic! Obviously, many of you are not enlightened to that fact, nor will many of you agree with me.

Now, wrestlers can work anywhere they want, and it's absurd to see ex-WWE/TNA/ROH guys. If someone leaves from the WWE to TNA they are suddenly ex-WWE guys, but TNA wrestlers don't get the same criticism from the Internet Wrestling Community. Double standards are just a sad pathetic issue that the Internet Wrestling Community embraces to the breaking point.

I could go on and on and on about the stupidity exhibited by the Internet Wrestling Community, but I won't, as then I'll be writing many novels on the subject. The ones stated are the ones that I have the most problems with and the ones that prove my points on why nearly all of us are whiny, pathetic and hypocritical fans.