Randy Couture Vs Brock Lesnar : Championship Analysis

Andy GrannellContributor IOctober 30, 2008

Randy Couture

Record - 16-8

Predominant Style - Greco-Roman Wrestling

Strengths - Experience, Submission defence (improved since early on in career), Boxing, Game planning and Capitalises on Opponents Weakness.

Weakness - Age and has struggled against large opponents early in career. Striking is not very dynamic.

Recent Form - Not so recent but has dominated two top 5 opponents. Tim Sylvia, dangerous striker with good anti grappling, beaten in 5 rounds by UD. Gabriel Gonzaga, very dangerous striker with BJJ black belt, TKO'd in the 3rd round after nonstop pressure from Couture.

Brock Lesnar

Record - 2-1

Predominant Style - Wrestling

Strengths - Very Strong, Wrestling has worked very well in MMA as of yet and Strong puncher.

Weakness - Inexperienced, ability to take punishment unknown, submission defence sceptical and Defence off his back not yet seen.

Recent Form - 1-1 in UFC. Frank Mir, BJJ Black Belt, submitted in Rnd1 but showed impressive MMA skills. Heath Herring, crafty vet, hurt him badly in Rnd 1 and decided to hold Herring down for a UD.

How They Match Up

Experience and overall Mixed Martial Arts skills will give Randy an edge coming into this fight. With only 3 Professional bouts under his belt Lesnar would seem to be easy work for Randy. This is not the case Brock poses a legitimate threat to Couture’s Belt. He is young, strong and has an excellent base. Many look to Randys bouts with Ricco Rodriguez and Josh Barnett and feel Randy will struggle with Lesnar. They are very wrong thinking this, Randys last two wins are against huge fighters that were probably more dangerous than Ricco and Barnett when he faced them. He dominated them.

Brock’s last win was very impressive. He showed good skills and dominated Herring. However we failed to see just how good his striking is. There is no way he will hold down Couture for this amount of time but he for sure can take him down. However Randy has not been beaten up on the floor since 2002, since then he has improved everything. He was not submitted by Ronaldo Souza in a submission match and has as of recent show excellent striking and wrestling.


Randy can finish this fight anywhere, Brock seems to only have a chance on the mat and at that a small chance. Brock’s size and athletism are scary but Randy is smart. He does have a punchers chance but will most likely be exposed.

Randy will find the easiest way to win this fight and it will most likely take 2-3 rounds.