My Advice to the Dallas Cowboys for the Giants Game

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IOctober 30, 2008

Dallas needs to make Eli look like the Eli above.

How do they do that? They need to give him a beating that he'll remember, even if he gets Alzheimer's.

Now, I am not suggesting dirty tricks, bounties, or injury. I'm suggesting a beating. Like the beating the Giants gave Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. Every single Cowboy defender needs to look at Eli Manning the same way a dog looks at a cat. They have got to get him no matter what.

The only way the Cowboys can win is to make the Giants not execute. Now, why go after the arms (receivers) when they can go at the brain (quarterback). This Dallas defense has got to shut Eli Manning down, or else they can kiss a win goodbye.

The Giants have got to become one-dimensional, and I would rather face Brandon Jacobs fighting for his life on the run than Eli Manning throwing bombs everywhere,

The Giants are a complete package. Running game is elite. Offensive line strong. Defensive line a beast. Secondary effective. Quarterback on target. Scary, huh?

Eli Manning will exploit the fact that Dallas has a weakened secondary with Roy Williams out for the season, Terence Newman out for a few weeks, and Adam Jones suspended. He will want to improve his numbers on slightly injured Anthony Henry and rookies Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick. I would expect Head Coach Tom Coughlin to rely more on Manning than on his running backs.

The Dallas defense is poised to stop the run. They shut down Warrick Dunn and Ernest Graham last week against the Buccaneers, and I think they could easily do it to Derrick Ward and Brandon Jacobs. With DeMarcus Ware, Zach Thomas, Bradie James, Bobby Carpenter, Kevin Burnett, Anthony Spencer, and Greg Ellis at linebacker, I see a brutal force coming at powerhouse Brandon Jacobs and the decent Derrick Ward. So, I would expect the passing attack.

The Dallas corners have got to do what Tom Landry did. When he played cornerback, he developed an emotion somewhere between hatred and pride. He could not stand to see anyone catch a pass on him, so he would use that emotion to hit the receiver so hard that he would not want to cross him again.

Those backs have got to hit those receivers hard and repeatedly. Pain and soreness make one lose focus. Without focus, no team can win a game. Turnovers are a must, as well in these types of situations. I think, if the Giants do not turn over the ball, then they will win.

The offense has its own set of troubles. Brad Johnson has got to get the ball to the receivers. I see Terrell Owens wide open, and Johnson throws it behind him. They have got to give T.O., Roy Williams, and Patrick Crayton the ball. No more throwing it off to Barber at the last second or throwing it away. Get that receiver the ball. Get that ball past the markers. Get that ball in the end zone. No end zone, no win. It is as simple as that.

Marion Barber is our No. 1 guy, and that has to change. If the runner is No. 1, then you have no other dimensions. A team needs a passing game to free up the run. This line showed some passion last week, and they need to do it again. It doesn't matter if they are the reigning champs or not. If Dallas gets at them hard enough, then they will fold up just like any other team.

Special teams has to make the tackles fast and hard. Force turnovers whenever you can. Special-teams plays can really save a game. If they let the Giants get great field position, then the game is over.

This is a game to see. No-holds barred. Good luck, Dallas.