Favre Continues To Be Unimpressive

D VContributor IOctober 29, 2008

Quickly, which quarterback leads the league in interceptions?

If you said Brett Favre, either you're a die hard New York Jets fan, or he's on your fantasy team.

Well it's true, the 39-year-old Jets quarterback is currently tied for the league lead in interceptions with 11, along with San Fransisco 49er QB, J.T O'Sullivan.

Not exactly what the Jets had in mind when they traded for Favre this summer, a trade that brought with it Super Bowl expectations for a franchise that hasn't seen glory since Broadway Joe Namath led the team to victory in Super Bowl III.

Favre and the Jets barely squeezed by Chad Pennington and the Miami Dolphins in week one, and just when Jets' fans thought they had the New England Patriots beat with the absence of Tom Brady, they fell once again, at home, managing just 10 points.

At 4-3 eight weeks in, this is not exactly how the Jets envisioned their season going, and it won't get any easier from here.

The Jets still have remaining games that include the Buffalo Bills twice, the Patriots and Tennessee Titans on the road, and the solid Denver Broncos at home. How does that overtime loss to the dreadful Oakland Raiders look now?

Favre may simply be falling victim to the monster that is New York, and if you don't think it exists, talk to Randy Johnson or Jose Contreras, or it could be the reality that he is 39.

Whatever the case may be, it's hard to completely count out a guy of Favre's history and stature.

However, it's also hard to not question if the Jets could be in the same place they're in or better with Kellen Clemens at quarterback. Clemens, the 49th overall pick out of the University of Oregon in 2006, has appeared in just 13 total games with the Jets, including eight starts last season.

It wouldn't have cost the Jets a draft pick, and Clemens could have gained valuable experience moving forward in his progression as the eventual starting QB.

As the season continues, it will be interesting to see if Favre and the Jets will be able to overcome their past failures, and stand on the same ground as the other New York team, with whom they share a stadium.