CvC 2.0: Miz TV Was the Worst WWE Talk Show in History

ReDevilContributor IIIJune 28, 2011

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Topic: Worst WWE Talk Show Of All Time

Talk shows have been a staple of WWE programming. They help to heat up the feuds, they start new feuds and overall are very exciting. Well, most of them are, like Highlight Reel, The Cutting Edge, Piper's Pit, etc.

However, there are some talk shows that have graced the WWE that are just plain horrible. The worst one is Miz TV.

Miz TV. Have you heard about it? I'm guessing not, because the show only had two episodes, and they were pretty bad.

The first one featured Ashley Massaro and Melina Perez, which was all right, considering those two ended up in a cat-fight.

But the second episode, oh lord.

The guest was Dave Batista. The show ended for good when Batista gave Miz a Batista Bomb. It may have only had two episodes, but it was a WWE talk show that flopped more than Ric Flair did in his entire career.

The Miz TV also takes the cake for being the worst talk show in WWE history because this was during a time when the Miz had not developed the mic skills he currently possesses. I still think he is bad now, but back then he was terrible.

He didn't have the confident, cocky personality that his current character has. To make matters worse, he had a really goofy hairdo.

The logo used for the talk show was the MTV logo, because the Miz was a reality star on MTV's Real World. They thought that would get ratings. Boy, were they wrong.

I would have loved to write more about the show, but I just can't find any more material. I had to dig deep to just find who was on the two episodes of Miz TV.

Considering how successful talk shows like Piper's Pit and Highlight Reel have been in the WWE, and taking into consideration how people know some of the talk shows that were bad, like Carlito's Cabana, the unknown Miz TV just fails in comparison to every other talk show in WWE history.

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