CvC 2.0: The Abraham Washington Show Was the Worst WWE Talk Show of All Time

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIJune 28, 2011

Blue Division
Joe Burgett vs ReDevil
Topic: Worst WWE Talk Show of all time


First of all, I'd like to thank all of you in the competition for doing great with all the articles. Some of you that I didn't think would show up well, just blew my mind. You have no idea how proud I am of you all and this, I feel, is going to help make the section even better.

But now, it's time for me to get into the fray. My topic, picked by Jacob Waring, is the worst WWE talk show of all time. Now, there were a lot of these talk shows. Piper's Pit is the most memorable. Then we had the Cutting Edge, Highlight Reel, etc.

But they could arguably be the very best. But we are looking for the very worst, right?

Abraham Washington really put a new low to wrestling talk shows. This man was somewhat interesting, but he sucked from day one.

He had some funny bits, especially with his partner in crime, Tony Atlas. I thought Atlas was really what kept the show interesting. He was just a funny guy with the show, and he was overall a great addition to the show.

Washington's show started on ECW, and it seemed from day one the fans weren't into him. He established himself as a heel when he first appeared. He bombed the first time out and unlike any other talk show with WWE, it was not run by an active wrestler.

Washington was an active wrestler down in FCW where he was training, and because he has relatively good mic ability, WWE pushed him to ECW to get him into our homes while he was training.

WWE liked his skill in that area, but the issue is that his "comedy" talk show was so bad, many people even stopped watching ECW because of it.

Statistics show that Washington's segments had the worst ratings of the entire show, while the main events were the highest. Which is not surprising obviously.

So why was he on our TVs weekly?

Well, he was a young superstar WWE felt could be a bigger name with them later on. Word had it, that he was supposed to be the RAW GM, then they went with the "Anonymous GM."

Kinda stupid, I know, But they felt that because people weren't into Washington, that plan would be better.

Washington has not been seen on any major TV show with WWE since ECW ended. And rightfully so since no one seemed to be into his work. They only watched for his guests, HE was not the person they tuned in for.

It seemed like WWE was trying too hard to make a Tonight Show-like segment every week, that they went with that type of thing but it bombed in WWE. I know you want to be in the entertainment world more and more, WWE, but Washington was not the way to do it,

A lot of people believe his show was useful, however. And it was.

It helped start some rivalries and get them more interesting. You had Washington, who antagonized everybody on his show, and no Superstar seemed to like him. So yeah, even the WWE Superstars hated Washington. Which was kind of weird if WWE wanted people to like the show.

To me, this show as the nail in the coffin for ECW. The year it went down was the year Washington came in. So, while Washington was not the whole reason, he was a contributing factor.

So yes, while it was useful to rivalries, the same could have been done in a promo with the two in the ring. So, Washington being there did nothing.

I really feel what killed Washington from the beginning was that every talk show was done by active wrestlers, and he was the only one who wasn't. He was strictly a mic worker, which was fine, but it didn't get him into people's likability, probably because of that.

I won't say that Washington was bad on the mic, because he wasn't. But none of his segments were anywhere close to the top of WWE's talk show history.

WWE tried to sell him off as a controversial and compelling host, but he simply was nothing to be proud of. Really, the only thing that was interesting or funny about the show was Tony Atlas' laugh.

So if people ever ask you which WWE talk show sucked the worst, this, without a doubt, is the winner.

The Abraham Washington Show, to me, is the biggest mistake in WWE history.

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