Bloody Sunday - Giants Need To K.O. 'Boys

David BrodianCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2008

If you are a New York Giant (or Giant fan,) you have to love how this season has started. 

You are 6-1, in first place in the NFC East, and get to feast on the crippled Dallas Cowboys at home this week.

No doubt it will be hard for the Giants to ignore the fact that Tony Romo, Terrence Newman, Roy Williams, Adam "Pacman" Jones, and possibly Anthony Henry and Jason Witten will be missing in the game Sunday.  However, the Giants must focus this week in practice and prepare as if they will be lining up against the Cowboys at full strength.

Now is no time for the Giants to dance around and let the Cowboys off of the ropes.  They need to take a lesson from Mike Tyson in his prime, go in for the kill and knock the Cowboys out early.

A win for the Giants this week would move them to 7-1, as well as keep them atop the NFC East. Additionally, it would put them three games ahead of the Cowboys in the loss column, and keep them undefeated within the division.

The last thing an injury-riddled team wants to do is play hard-nosed, physical football.  Thus, the Giants need to come out and play just as physical as they did last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

A big dose of Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward is needed early in the game this week.  Pounding the ball with Jacobs and Ward will wear out the Cowboys defense, especially the safeties and corners they will be bringing up to stop the run.

Once the Cowboys defense starts to wear down, then its Eli Manning time. After running the ball down the 'Boys throat, it will then be time to air it out to Plaxico Burress and the rest of the Giants deep receiving corps. 

You have got to believe that against a worn-out secondary, Eli Manning's best weapon, the play-action pass, will be super effective.

Defensively, the Giants, whom lead the league in sacks, need to show no resistance.  This defense should be in the backfield all day long, knocking Brad Johnson to the hard Giants stadium turf over and over again.

The Giants' corners should not have trouble this week, even though they will be facing Terrell Owens.  Last week, Brad Johnson's longest passing play went for 14 yards, meaning the Cowboys do not pose much of a deep threat.

Although the Giants are 6-1, this is a must-win game.  An upset win by the Cowboys without Tony Romo, would propel the Cowboys right back into the NFC East mix. 

However, if the Giants come out with the fire to burn the Cowboys right from the start, by the end of the game the Giants will have thrown the first pile of dirt on the coffin of the Cowboys' season.

Prediction: Giants win 35-13.