MLB Power Rankings: All 30 Teams' Most Hilarious Player in the Clubhouse

Jeffrey BeckmannCorrespondent IJune 29, 2011

MLB Power Rankings: All 30 Teams' Most Hilarious Player in the Clubhouse

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    MLB has a history of pranksters and goofballs around the clubhouse. Over 162 games, teams almost need a guy like that just to keep their sanity over the course of a grueling season.

    Each team has their own funnyman, and as impossible as it was to research, I think the results turned out quite amusing.

    While you may not agree with some of these players, you should know that I chose to go with evidence that could be found in videos rather than on just hearsay. 

    Finding videos for each player on each team was another tough task. If any of you know of a better video, just post the link in the comments section and I will embed it into the slideshow.

    Here are each teams' most hilarious player in the clubhouse, ranked in order based on video evidence.


30. NO HUMOR FOUND: Kansas City Royals

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    I know there hasn't been a lot to cheer about for the Kansas City Royals recently, but it appears that no player on the team has a sense of humor—at least not that I could find.

    If any of you Royals' fans out there can find one, send it to me and I will link it in.

    In the meantime, I will leave you with a 1980 7UP commercial featuring George Brett. Boy, how times have changed. 

29. Logan Morrison: Florida Marlins

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    Rookie outfielder Logan Morrison is quickly accumulating a gathering via twitter and is known to be quite funny within the clubhouse.

    Unfortunately, seeing as very few watch the Marlins on TV and even less attend the games, there are not many Marlins' videos out there—so you are stuck with one featuring Hanley Ramirez.


28. Ryan Spilborghs: Colorado Rockies

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    Ryan Spilborghs may not be a household name, but fans of the Colorado Rockies love him. He is also a pretty funny guy all around and his teammates love him in the clubhouse.

    While I couldn't find any videos of Spilborghs, here is a compilation of some funny commercials from 2009 that any Rockies fan would enjoy.

27. Brandon McCarthy: Oakland Athletics

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    Brandon McCarthy has a great sense of humor, and he continually puts it to use over Twitter.

    McCarthy was recently a Guest Columnist here at Bleacher Report, where he did an article titled 10 MLB Player Accounts You Should Be Following. He may have a future in writing after baseball.

    Here is a video featuring teammate and fellow funnyman Trevor Cahill.

26. Grady Sizemore: Cleveland Indians

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    Grady Sizemore has battled injuries the past couple of seasons, but he still brings some humor to the field and to the clubhouse.

    Here is a clip of Sizemore getting former teammate Casey Blake with the famous "pie in the face" routine back in 2007.

25. NO HUMOR FOUND: San Diego Padres

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    The San Diego Padres are another franchise where apparently no humor exists after losing guys like Jake Peavy, Trevor Hoffman and Adrian Gonzalez.

    Again, if any Padres' fans can send me a link proving otherwise, I will gladly embed it into this article.

    This commercial dates back a few years, just before the last drop of humor was sucked out of the franchise.

24. J.J. Putz: Arizona Diamondbacks

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    J.J. Putz may be well traveled over the last few seasons, but the relief pitcher has brought his sense of humor along with him at every stop along the way.

    Currently pitching for the Arizona Diamondbacks, his teammates quickly found out the kind of prankster Putz is. In light of this, some of his teammates decided to flip the tables and get Putz with a little prank of their own.

23. C.J. Wilson: Texas Rangers

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    C.J Wilson is a funny dude. Any player who has done a video piece titled "Tweet Your Tats" has got to have a sense of humor.

    Here is the video where Wilson judged tatoo's that fans tweeted him. 

22. Justin Verlander: Detroit Tigers

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    Justin Verlander threw the second no-hitter of his career earlier this season, but even amid all of his greatness he still finds the time to have a sense of humor.

    Here is a commercial featuring Verlander and Justin Morneau where they have a little girl fight over who is better.

21. Bronson Arroyo: Cincinnati Reds

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    The Cincinnati Reds don't seem to have an actual designated funnyman in the clubhouse, but the cake would probably have to go to the sometimes outspoken Bronson Arroyo.

    Here is a video of some of his coaches and teammates making fun of him before the "Bronson Arroyo Bobblehead Day" in Cincinnati.

20. Andrew McCutchen: Pittsburgh Pirates

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    The rejuvenated Pittsburgh Pirates are led by five-tool star Andrew McCutchen, and his personality is just what the team needs out of their leader to help them continue in the right direction.

    Although there aren't many funny Pirates commercials out there, I did find this funny video about Andrew McCutchen that is worth a look.

19. Ryan Dempster: Chicago Cubs

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    Ryan Dempster is witty, and he always has something smooth to say. I mean, the guy has done some stand up comedy!

    Needless to say, as funny as Dempster is, it is not nearly as funny as watching the Cubbies try to play baseball these days.

18. Vladimir Guerrero: Baltimore Orioles

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    With a team primarily filled with young up and coming players, Vladimir Guerrero's presence in the clubhouse pays off in many respects.

    His cool personality mixed with a light sense of humor definitely help ease the tensions of the young players surrounding him.

    Check this video out that Vlad and Ryan Howard did after the Phillies won the 2008 World Series. It is pretty hilarious.

17. Nyjer Morgan: Milwaukee Brewers

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    Nyjer Morgan just arrived in Milwaukee before the season started but he has quickly made fans out of the Brewers' faithful.

    Morgan, AKA "T-Plush," had one of the most hilarious interviews ever seen after driving in the game-winning run during a victory earlier this month while afterwards proclaiming he didn't realize it was the ninth inning. You must see this video to believe it. 

16. Ryan Zimmerman: Washington Nationals

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    Ryan Zimmerman is the leader of a young Nationals squad looking forward to a brighter future.

    He also does a good job in a few GEICO commercials alongside teammate Jayson Werth. Or is that a caveman?

15. Andre Ethier: Los Angeles Dodgers

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    The struggling Los Angeles Dodgers franchise has at least something to smile about with Andre Ethier. Ethier is a clubhouse leader and is fairly witty in his own right.

    ESPN makes some of the funniest commercials on TV, and this one featuring Andre Ethier can garner a good laugh.

14. Torii Hunter: Los Angeles Angels

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    Torii Hunter has been the funnyman on his team throughout his entire career, and he's got a boatload of commercials to back that claim.

    While he didn't really say or do much in the linked commercial, it can still garner a chuckle every time I see it.

13. Albert Pujols: St. Louis Cardinals

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    Albert Pujols may not be laughing now while sitting on the DL for 4-6 weeks, but when healthy, he was able to get plenty of laughs out of everyone.

    In another ESPN commercial, the guys call Pujols "The Machine" to the sluggers' dismay.

12. Nick Swisher: New York Yankees

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    Derek Jeter may be "The Captain" of New York, but Nick Swisher earns the title of the clubhouse funnyman.

    Although Jonathan Papelbon belongs nowhere near a camera ever again, Swisher actually did a pretty good job and was able to get a couple of punch-lines in there.

11. Felix Hernandez: Seattle Mariners

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    Felix Hernandez doesn't only have a sense of humor, but he loves to "compete" as well. At least that is what I gathered from the "Larry Bernandez" commercial he did for the Seattle Mariners.

    Hernandez has done quite a few funny commercials over the past couple of seasons, most recently one where he wins all of the stuffed animals playing the milk jug game at the carnival.

    Kudos to B/R reader Steven Crawford for pointing out the fact the Brendan Ryan is quite the comedic teammate as well.

10. Jose Reyes: New York Mets

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    Jose Reyes may not be in New York past the 2011 season, but for now he is the funnyman in the Mets clubhouse.

    This is one of the funnier ESPN commercials, with Reyes teaching the guys how to use their hips. The funny twist at the end is what makes this commercial great.

9. David Ortiz: Boston Red Sox

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    David Ortiz is a fixture in Boston, and he is well liked by teammates with his goofy personality and big smile.

    This entertaining commercial featuring Ortiz and Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher pretty much sums it up, while guaranteeing you will never want to play badminton with the burly slugger. 

    It has also been brought to my attention by B/R reader "Red Sox" that Dustin Pedroia is a pretty funny dude, as well. Here is a recent quote from Pedroia which he provided:

    "It will be good for us offensively, but damn, I'm going to have to play second, first and right," Pedroia joked to reporters. "I've got small legs. That's a lot of ground to cover."


8. Jimmy Rollins: Philadelphia Phillies

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    Jimmy Rollins has a great personality, and every team would be better off if they had a player like him in the locker room.

    Here is one of the funnier commercials Rollins has been in, taking baseballs off the chest by the dozen. 

7. Tim Hudson: Atlanta Braves

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    Tim Hudson may be the biggest prankster in all of baseball. His antics have been well documented for years now.

    Here is a classic Hudson moment, where he jumps out of a closet in teammate Eddie Perez's room wearing the "Scream" mask. Classic.

6. Johnny Damon: Tampa Bay Rays

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    Johnny Damon has always seemed like a pretty cool dude—whether in the clubhouse, during the game or while rocking out on the guitar during the All-Star game.

    This commercial—although from when he was with the Red Sox—shows the humor in Damon's personality, and he surely brought it with him to a young Tampa Bay clubhouse. 

5. Ozzie Guillen: Chicago White Sox

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    Ozzie Guillen may not be a player, but the eccentric White Sox manager is definitely the funniest person in the locker room.

    If you have 4:41 to spare, watch this Ozzie Guillen impersonation from MADTV. It is absolutely hilarious.


4. Joe Mauer: Minnesota Twins

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    Who knew Joe Mauer was so funny? Apparently he is the leader of the Twins' in just about every way.

    I just saw this commercial for the first time, and I thought it was absolutely hilarious. He teams up with another great commercial-acting athlete in Troy Palamalu.

3. Jose Bautista: Toronto Blue Jays

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    I'd be all laughs, too, if I were Jose Bautista. He went from obscurity to MVP candidate in the span of 12 months.

    For those of you who haven't seen this video, you have to watch it. While the first minute is more of an intro, it gets hilarious by the end.

2. Brian Wilson: San Francisco Giants

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    The best aspect of Brian Wilson's hilarity is that he doesn't even try to be funny. It just comes natural to the real-life Kenny Powers.

    Whenever someone asks Wilson a question they get an answer—just not always the answer one would expect, and we should be all the more thankful for it.

1. Brett Myers: Houston Astros

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    This is arguably the funniest prank of all time.

    A few seasons ago during spring training, current Astros pitcher and former Phillies pitcher Brett Myers put together one of the most elaborate pranks in sports history—even getting his then-manager Charlie Manuel, GM Ruben Amaro and the local media involved.

    Although Kendrick was never traded, at this point some Phillies' fans may wish the prank were a reality.