NFL Halloween Costume Ideas

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IOctober 29, 2008

With Halloween coming up, many people are scrambling for last-second costume ideas.  But sometimes even the simplest costume can be expensive.  That’s especially true for NFL fans, who want to dress as their favorite players.

No worries.  Here are the simplest, easiest ways to go as your favorite player. 


Tarvaris Jackson: Find a bench and sit on it.

Detroit Lions fan: Put a bag over your head.

Tony Romo: Just a simple Band-Aid on your pinkie would suffice.  Extremists might want to go for the whole splint.

Plaxico Burress: Complain about the organizers of your Halloween party.  Later, make plans to meet up with someone and don’t show up.

Braylon Edwards: Simply drop everything you try to grab.

Terrell Owens: Another idea that requires small substances.  Just take a few dabs of water and place them under your eyes.

Larry Johnson: The only prop required would be a drink, which you would spit into others’ faces.

Deuce McAllister: Simply ingest something bad and then deny you knew it was harmful.

Brett Favre: Just walk around with a cell phone.

Wade Phillips: Place a long board over the top of a tall table and walk the plank.

Wild Card: Since he technically is not active in the NFL right now, it might not be valid, but you could always just yell at dogs and say you’re Michael Vick.  


Then there are those classic ones for those who like to go all out, such as dressing as the devil and going as Al Davis.  Get a camcorder and go as Bill Belichick.  Or wear a blindfold, get a seeing-eye dog, and go as a referee.

A new addition to that list is now sparking up a joint and going as Steelers’ receiver Santonio Holmes.  But that’s one where the accessories might be more expensive than the actual costume.