UFC on Versus 4: The 5 Reasons Rick Story Is Not Ready for Nate Marquardt

Andrew MahlmannCorrespondent IJune 24, 2011

UFC on Versus 4: The 5 Reasons Rick Story Is Not Ready for Nate Marquardt

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    No question, Rick Story has earned his place as a solid top 10 ranked welterweight.

    He is riding a six-fight win streak with his last two performances being impressive upsets over Johny Hendricks and Thiago Alves.

    There is no reason to believe that Rick Story does not have what it takes to defeat Nate Marquardt or any other welterweight in the world.

    That being said, I just do not think he is ready for Marquardt yet. Of course Story CAN win, and I wish him the best of luck, but the smart money is on Marquardt.

    Here are the five reasons why. 

5. Quick Turnaround

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    Nate Marquardt is a championship level fighter.

    I am not a huge fan of contender's needing a full three months to prepare for a single fight, but in this case, Rick Story might need it.

    Coming off of the biggest win of his career Story is turning around and taking on arguably an even bigger fight and for a main event no less.

    To prepare for Nate Marquardt, Story probably needs more time for game-planning against a fighter as dynamic as Marquardt.

    Marquardt, of course, has had to make late adjustments as well, but he has Greg Jackson in his corner and they have already seen just about everything.

4. He Is Susceptible to Taking Big Shots

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    One thing that makes great fighters great is their ability to take big shots and fight through it.

    Rick Story has that.

    What separates champions from great fighters is their ability to avoid receiving damage.

    Rick Story is not quite there yet.

    Nate Marquardt hits like a truck and is great at avoiding getting hit himself.

    Rick Story's ability to fight through shots has gotten him to where he is but it is not a great long term strategy and we could see it get him into trouble against Nate "The Great".

3. He Is No Chael Sonnen

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    The fight that made Nate Marquardt look the most vulnerable in the recent past was where he got out-wrestled by Chael Sonnen.

    Story is also a great wrestler, and very tenacious, but for the most part they are really not comparable.

    Sonnen's pedigree for wrestling, and his level of MMA-adapted wrestling, is on a decisively higher level than that of Story.

    Also take into account that Chael Sonnen is a gigantic middleweight while Rick Story is just a competitively sized welterweight and you have a recipe for disaster in trying to wrestle Marquardt for three rounds.

2. Disparity in Finishing Techniques

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    Rick Story is a competent finisher but it is based mostly off of tenacity and strength, physical prowess and determination.

    Marquardt has those things and also very refined technique.

    Whether picking his shots and finishing with strikes, or maneuvering for a submission; overall Marquardt is the more dangerous finisher.

1. Experience

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    The 26-year-old Rick Story has certainly paid his dues, rising up with an impressive 13-3 record.

    That still cannot compete with Nate Marquardt who has been competing internationally for at least the past 11 years.

    Realistically, I am expecting this to be very close decision. Marquardt, however, will know just how to deal with every situation and keep a slight advantage.