Creature Vs. Creature: A Bulldog's Take on the WLOCP

Jay ButlerContributor IOctober 28, 2008

Game Preview

Oh boy, here we go again. It's the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, and this time, it's WAY personal. After Georgia's on-field end zone celebration and Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer's incessant crying about the incident, they're back to the gridiron to brew more bad blood.

Both teams are coming up off big wins the week before, and both are jacked. The game will be the CBS Game of the Week, airing Saturday at 3:30. 

This is an evenly matched game. Florida gives you a Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin, Georgia gives you a Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno. Florida gives you Urban Meyer, Georgia gives you Mark Richt.

Oh boy, here we go again.


Georgia will win if...

Georgia will win if they control the clock. I know that Stafford could have a field day against the Gator secondary, but Georgia doesn't want, or more importantly need, a Big 12 shootout.

The defense cannot handle the dinking and dunking of the Gator spread offense. They need to have their speed ready to handle Harvin and Jeff Demps.

Georgia will also win if Knowshon can RUN THE DAMN BALL! He ran last year for 188 yards on 33 carries against the Gator defense. Georgia won last year.


Well, besides having Tim Tebow being Marcus Howard's personal tackling dummy, it was because Knowshon wore the defense down. Giving the ball to Knowshon will give Georgia the benefit of controlling the clock, wearing down the defense, and not giving the reigning Heisman Trophy winner the ball.


Florida will win if...

Florida will win if Urban Meyer whines and complains enough!

Okay, I'm kidding...

Florida will win if Harvin and Demps find open space. These guys are shifty, and these guys are good.

While you can't really put a specific position next to them, because they can line up everywhere on offense, they will wreak havoc if the Dawg defense, led by Rennie Curran and the now healthy Dannell Ellerbe, can't contain them.

Florida will also win if Georgia's O-line can't contain. It seems pretty simple, but this patchwork Dawg O-line held up well against LSU's defense. It has to hold up because this game is worth so much more to the Dawgs than last week.

The Gator defense gave up 42 points last year. It doesn't want to explain that they lost the game last year.



1. "The Celebration"

You know.

I know Coaches Richt and Meyer have both issued gag orders on the incident, but you know it's there. It's the elephant in the room, and I'm not talking about dancing O-lineman Trinton Sturdivant.

It is one of the most defining moments in this storied rivalry, ranking up there with Lindsay Scott and "The Mud Bowl."

It has started arguments, issued apologies, and still angers a certain journalist from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (his name rhymes with Larrence Door).

Florida will use it as the perfect fuel for vengeance. Georgia will use it to throw it in Gators' faces if, and when (we'll get to that later), they win.


2. Tim Tebow

It's weird to say that the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback is an X-factor, but the Dawg defense rushed and blitzed the playmaker for everything he had. It resulted in a rattled quarterback who was off his rhythm all game.

He can't have that again, or the result will be the same.

Editor's Note: Don't give me that "Tebow was hurt" crap. In 2005, D.J. Shockley was hurt, and we had to have "rubber arm" Joe Tereshinski III start, and we only lost to Florida by seven. We're even.



It's gonna be a hard-fought battle. Both of these teams desperately want this.

The winner basically locks up the SEC East title, to eventually face Alabama, who should lock up the West crown in the next weeks.

The winner also shoots to the top of one-loss teams in the BCS National Championship race.

The loser gets the Outback Bowl.

Anyway, Knowshon runs for 155 yards, and Tebow does what he does best by being a playmaker. He'll get his runs and he'll get his passes down. However, A.J. Green gets a major catch or two, and the Dawgs squeak by and look towards Lexington for the Kentucky game.

Oh, and they get another year of bragging rights.

My score: Georgia WINS 27-23

To read a Gator's view on the game, read Joseph's article here.


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