NBA Draft 2011: 7 Best Moments

Triveni SinghContributor IIIJune 24, 2011

NBA Draft 2011: 7 Best Moments

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    The NBA Draft is a frenetic night, filled with mock drafts, surprise picks, unexpected trades, and kids dwarfing NBA commish David Stern.

    This year's draft was filled with some truly great moments. So whether you were asleep, watching reruns of Entourage, or simply disinterested, here's a recap of what you missed.

7. Chicago Bulls Take Marquette's Jimmy Butler

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    This is about as wonderful a feel good story as you'll get nowadays. Butler is not going to be a star. Heck, he might not even end up a starter. But he's proof that good guys get a win every now and then, too.

    Cast aside by his mother when he was just a kid, he grew up homeless for a few years before finally being taken in by the family of a friend.

    Now, after four years at Marquette, one of the hardest workers and best glue guys in college basketball gets his shot in Chicago. All that's left in this movie is for him to win a title so that the screen can fade to black and roll credits.

6. Czech Jan Vesely and His Girlfriend

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    He might have been drafted for his athleticism and his dunking prowess, but he gave the Wizards an even better reason after they called his name.

    His girlfriend is hot.

    When Vesely was drafted by the Washington Wizards at pick No. 6, his first act as a National Basketball Association employee was to give his girlfriend a big kiss, much to the crowd's pleasure.

    It was a great moment for European studs everywhere.

5. Brandon Knight's Post-Draft Interview

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    Depending on who you asked, Brandon Knight was a lock to go top three in the draft. And if Utah really wanted The Jimmer and gave him a pass? His floor was DEFINITELY at No. 5, the Toronto Raptors' pick.

    But when Knight didn't see his name called until the eighth pick in the draft, he was understandably upset. After all, he was supposed to be the third pick in the draft.

    And when he stepped up for his interview, he did not have a smile on his face. In fact, he didn't smile the whole time. He was one angry point guard. It's a good thing, too, because now he's stuck in Detroit, where, let's face it, he's only going to get angrier.

4. UConn's Kemba Walker Does a Little Dance

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    Unlike Brandon Knight, Kemba Walker was ecstatic to be chosen in the NBA Draft. His mother was right there by his side, cheering him on.

    Unfortunately, his mother probably forgot to mention that she had given the NBA execs some footage of a young Kemba Walker at a dance competition.

    Now, it wasn't ballet dancing or anything so banal, and he was actually pretty good, but boy it must be embarrassing to have the entire country watching you pop and lock as a little kid in front of a panel of judges.

    Believe it or not, that was only the second most embarrassing moment of the draft.

3. Drafting of the Jimmer

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    Jimmer Fredette captured our hearts with his amazing performances en route to becoming the consensus National Player of the Year. But that didn't prevent people from labeling him as a poor NBA prospect. He was a volume shooter, too slow, too bad of a defender, too unathletic, too...white. 

    That didn't stop Sacramento from wheeling and dealing to snag The Jimmer at No. 10. The whole basketball-loving nation smiled when Fredette's name was called (except for the hopefuls in Utah).

    We even gave it a pass when ESPN showed us a "letter of intent" to make it to the NBA that Jimmer signed before he went to college. Hopefully he signed a letter of intent to get to the NBA playoffs, too.

2. Spike Lee's Interview for the New York Knicks

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    Spike Lee has never let us forget that he is a die hard Knicks fan. He's courtside at every game, even going to New Jersey to see David Stern call out their draft pick.

    So when the Knicks took Iman Shumpert, by all accounts a great backcourt defender when the Knicks really needed defense, Spike Lee could be forgiven for not understanding the pick completely.

    Unfortunately, Iman Shumpert wasn't in the building, so Lee got the post-pick interview.

    Far from eloquent, Spike stumbled over his words after being put on the spot. In a nutshell, he said, "Well, I don't know this guy and don't want him on my team. But we picked him. So...he's on our team now. I guess."

    Poor Iman Shumpert. Here's to hoping that Spike Lee comes to know his first round pick a little better in the coming years. You know, assuming D'Antoni will actually play a kid known for defense in his rotation. 

1. Kansas' Morris Brothers Go Back to Back

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    These two have played together since they were born seven minutes apart. The only way to distinguish one from the other is by their games, with Marcus being the more polished scorer and Markieff the better rebounder.

    Most people thought Marcus would go first, but Phoenix, in an attempt to rectify its poor rebounding rate, took the older Morris brother Markieff instead. 

    Marcus was so happy for his brother that he started crying, perhaps a little sad that he would not be spending the next three years on the same team as his twin. But he need not have worried, because eight minutes later, his name was called by the Houston Rockets. 

    When was the last time twin brothers went back to back in a draft of any sport? You'd have to go back to the 1999 NHL Draft (the Sedin twins).  

    So while 1,200 miles now separate Markieff and Marcus, they still stayed as close as possible to one another in the NBA Draft. Who knows, maybe after free agency they can end up on the same team once again.

    Hey, if Jimmy Butler can fight his way to the first round of the NBA Draft, anything is possible.