Kurt Rambis Has Been Fired: Did David Kahn Strike Again?

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Kurt Rambis Has Been Fired: Did David Kahn Strike Again?
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You never let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. It has been finally announced that the Minnesota Timberwolves have decided to fire Kurt Rambis.

One day before the draft, the Wolves have finally fired Rambis. The media, KFAN employee's and the alike have made it a very huge deal. As Jerry Zgoda said, "You are overthinking this."

As a Wolves fan and writer, I'm sorry, I can't help but be happy to see the Wolves finally fire Rambis.The media are once again, killing Kahn with his antics. Here is some honesty.

From the way that Kahn conducts himself, and the way that Ronzone talks about Kahn, it sounds like working for Kahn isn't the big of a deal. But everyone wants to call Kahn arrogant, incompetent and an idiot.

While he may be some of those things, there are a handful of GMs that are cocky and arrogant. No one ever said anything about Kevin Garnett beating up his overseas teammates.

Wolves fans shouldn't care about what anyone thinks of Kahn. I can certainly tell you, that after he signed Rubio, and fired Rambis regardless of the time he did it, I don't care. It appears that the Wolves are going to learn from their mistake and draft the best player available with the second overall pick in the draft, and things are finally on the upswing.

The fact that Kahn hasn't taken on dummy contracts while improving the talent has been decent.

Here's what Wolves fans should care about, Rambis needed to go, and Kahn convinced Glen Taylor to allow him to pull the trigger. The thoughts over the weeks have been that Kahn has wanted to fire Rambis since the press conference when the season ended, but because of the uncertainty of the lockout, Glen Taylor wanted to outweigh his options financially. If anyone is to blame, it is Glen Taylor.

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But honestly, who really cares?

It really gets tiring that Kahn gets bashed all the time. Detroit and Indiana haven't solved their coaching situations either, and Indiana was in the playoff's last season. Kahn seemingly won't get a shred of respect even when he does something okay.

The fact is, Kurt Rambis is gone, and that's all that matters at this time.

McHale gets the great press for his coaching hire with Houston (congrats McHale!), but he screwed this franchise over by agreeing to an under table contract that no GM in their train of thought would.

If the Timberwolves are screwed for the rest of the franchise's life, don't hate on David Kahn. Be glad that he was crazy enough to take the job.

Let's continue to bask in the draft and the Ricky Rubio signing.

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