Super Addition: The Plus-One System Has Arrived

Nino CollaSenior Writer IJanuary 24, 2008

In a shocking move by NFL leader Roger Goodell, the Super Bowl is doing something for which many fans have been clamoring.

"After hours of deep thought and consideration, we've decided to adopt a Plus-One system for the Super Bowl this year," Goodell said in a statement released by

Goodell went on to describe the motives behind this move.  "It only makes sense, the fans want it, and the NFL loves it's fans.  So, we want to give them what they want."

There is a twist though. It won't be Favre's Packers or Tomlinson's Chagers taking on the winner of Super Bowl XLII Part One.

It will be none other than the Georgia Bulldogs, ready and waiting, fresh off an absolute trashing of Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl.

"Georgia had a terrific season, and they are arguably the hottest team in the Nation. It only makes sense we give them a shot at winning a title," Goodell explained. "Obviously the NCAA isn't willing to do that."

But really, who could be shocked by this announcement?

As it turns out, the New England Patriots are appalled.  During his press conference, Bill Belichick was characteristically brazen.

"Georgia is a great team.  But we are focused on the Giants.  Good team, they play hard.  We'll cross that bridge when we get there."
A few Patriot players got a hold of the news early before the first practice session, and they had some words of their own.

"What?  You mean we have to play another game?" safety Rodney Harrison questioned. "Hey, fine by me, 19 is an uneven number anyway.  20 and 0 sounds a lot better to me."

Former Bulldog Richard Seymour is less than ecstatic about facing his alma mater. 

"Hey, once a Georgia Bulldog, always a Georgia Bulldog.  But I'm a Patriot now."

On the other end of the spectrum, Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt is delighted by the prospect of playing for the Lombardi Trophy.  "It's an honor, really.  How many Lombardi Trophies does Auburn have?  Yeah, that's what I thought."

And when faced with the prospect of not living up to the hype, Richt didn't have any reservations.  "Oh yeah, it's going to be tough, be it the Giants or the Patriots.  But the Falcons have lost more games than we've won.  It's not a stretch to say we are better than most NFL teams."

Pete Carroll, though, feels like the odd man out once again. 

"We've been left out before, so it's not a surprise they picked Georgia.  It might even be better if we don't play; I've never been any good at winning NFL games."

The Plus-One game is scheduled for February 10th, one week after the Patriots and Giants meet in Glendale.  There is no venue set, but Arthur Blank is said to be lobbying for the Georgia Dome as the site.

"Hey, it worked for LSU.  Plus, I have to recoup something from this awful Falcon's season."