Indianapolis Colts Fall Apart in Tennessee

Trever RobyContributor IOctober 28, 2008

It was a sad Monday night for Colts' fans across the country. Once that clock hit zero in the fourth quarter, it all became really too real. The Colts had lost yet another game. They are now one game under .500.

Everything was looking good for the Colts believe it or not. I honestly thought they'd pull away from the Titans. The Titans, however, didn't agree with that. When the Titans scored to tie the game early in the second half, I was excited. It was the perfect situation for the Colts to show us what they were made of. But, they didn't. The Titans rolled past the Colts 31-21 late Monday night at LP Field.

As the Colts kick from the IND 30 to the TEN 2 yard line to start the game, the excitement of this match up hit me. About five minutes into the game, R. Bironas' 34 yard field goal will be the first score on the board for this game. That wasn't bad, not bad at all. The Colts defense held them to just three points.

Excitement filled the air. 

After punts by both offenses, Peyton Manning, in the shotgun formation, throws to Dallas Clark for six points.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Tennessee kicks another field goal to make the score 7-6 Colts. After another Clark touchdown, the score would advance to 14-6 early in the second half of the game.

Everything was looking good.

Tennessee, however, scored to tie it. L. White rushes up the middle for a one yard touchdown, and then Collins threw to A. Hall for the conversion.

After two failed fourth down conversions, many incompletions, and two turnovers, the Colts found themselves in the last minutes of the game 10-points down. I couldn't help but just turn the TV off and go to bed.

After many years of watching the Colts go undefeated for the majority of the season, this year is undoubtedly, very disappointing.

Next week's match-up against the Patriots will be another long game if the Colts don't make some changes. More on this match-up to come.