Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Victor Ortiz: 3 Predictions Leading Up to the Fight

Robert Cotter@@BobbyC_TheTribeCorrespondent IIJune 21, 2011

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Victor Ortiz: 3 Predictions Leading Up to the Fight

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    The upcoming Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Victor Ortiz fight isn't perfect, but its going to be a lot of fun. 

    In a match up between two of the more entertaining personalities in the sport, Mayweather and Ortiz have the personas and charisma to make for a huge boxing event.

    In what will amount to a 16 month layoff, former pound for pound champ, Floyd Mayweather Jr. will make his return to the ring, against WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz.

    Once thought of as a talented boxer, with no heart, Ortiz proved his worth with an entertaining upset over formerly undefeated champion Andre Berto, in a fight that featured four knockdowns and constant action, in a unanimous decision victory for Ortiz.

    Set for September 17th, Mayweather and Ortiz will begin their press tour June 28th, officially beginning the circus which should be this fight. With guys like Mayweather and Ortiz, there should never be a boring minute. 

    Here are three predictions for Mayweather and Ortiz leading up to the fight.  

3. Victor Ortiz's Personality and Life Story Will Endear Him to Fans

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    If you didn't already know Victor Ortiz's life story, get ready to here it and try and stop yourself from becoming a fan. Its a rags to riches story of courage and perseverance.

    Given the kind words of you'll never amount to anything, by his mother, Ortiz and his two siblings were left alone with their alcoholic father after their mother left them for another man. Shortly there afterwards, following countless beatings and abuse, Ortiz and his siblings were placed in the Kansas foster care system. 

    12 years old, parentless and penniless, Ortiz turned to boxing as a way to deal with bullying and selling drugs as a way to support himself.

    Shortly after winning the Kansas Golden Gloves, Ortiz saw photos of himself recognizing him as a Golden Gloves champion, moving Ortiz to say "The photo came out all over Kansas and that's when it hit me... I realized that I didn't need to be involved with selling drugs in order to make something of myself. I said screw this. I dont need all this crap or this guilt."

    A year later Ortiz was adopted by his sister and moved to Colorado where he went on to win the Junior Olympics tournament and later turned professional in 2004, where Ortiz has not looked back since.

    Armed with a charming personality, good looks and a heartwarming story, Victor Ortiz has all the tools necessary to become a boxing super star. 

    In the months and weeks leading up to the fight, fans will tune in for updates and news on Floyd Mayweather, but with the help of Golden Boy promotions, may leave rooting for Ortiz.   

2. Floyd Mayweather Will Have Another Oscar Performance in HBO's 24/7

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    Love him or hate him, the boxing world is in a better place now that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is back. 

    As has become customary with each Mayweather fight, there should be four new installments in the HBO award winning series 24/7.

    Pioneered for the Da La Hoya vs. Mayweather epic, HBO has created a documentary series, in 24/7, which has become as essential for big time fights, as Michael Buffer or Las Vegas.

    As to be expected, Mayweather has used 24/7 as his platform to entertain, anger and amuse the public with his cash flashin' ways and boasts of greatness.

    Whether it was his rants on Ricky Hatton's weight, Shane Mosley's jheri curl or Juan Manuel Marquez's strange training technique, "Money" Mayweather always manages to steal the show.

    Watching Mayweather on 24/7 can only be rivaled by the joy and confusion I felt when watching the once in a generation webcam shows of Charlie Sheen earlier this year.

    When your being compared to Charlie Sheen rants, you know you're doing something right.

    So I expect nothing but the best from Mayweather. Besides viewing the "hard work, dedication" that Mayweather brings to every training camp, I will be watching attentively for every hilarious line and moment that should be coming from the leading man of 24/7.  

1. Manny Pacquiao's Name Will Be Talked About in Abundance

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    Try as they may, the 1,000-pound elephant in the room isn't going anywhere and it will dominate the talk surrounding this fight.

    Manny Pacquiao is as connected to this fight as Floyd Mayweather or Victor Ortiz.

    Why isn't Pacquiao fighting Mayweather? Will he fight the winner? Is Pacquiao's fight against Juan Manuel Marquez more exciting? Whose the number one pound for pound fighter in the world?

    Yes, because Floyd Mayweather is back, so are the meaningless Mayweather vs Pacquiao arguments.

    Golden Boy promotions will attempt, in vain, to remove anything Manny Pacquiao from this fight. Oscar De La Hoya will describe this as the return of the pound for pound best fighter in the world, against the best young and up coming fighter in the sport. But, as we already know, much of the public sees Ortiz as nothing more than a left handed tune up fighter for Mayweather.

    If we could ignore Manny Pacquiao, and disregard the fact this seems like a tune-up fight, maybe Ortiz's talents could be seen more easily.

    But that's like ignoring the talking, 1,000-pound elephant in the room.