MLS:New England Revolution Supporters Ejected from Gillette Stadium for Singing

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MLS:New England Revolution Supporters Ejected from Gillette Stadium for Singing
Gail Oskin/Getty Images
Vacated seats at the Gillette Stadium

Apparently some New England Revolution fans were chucked out of their stadium on Saturday night in the match against Chicago Fire at Gillette Stadium for the most heinous of crimes - shouting at the opponent's goalkeeper!

The fans sit in a section known as "The Fort", where most of the noise comes from during a match. They staged a mass walkout after some arrests were made by the local constabulary on bequest of the stadiums 'TeamOps' and security. Several altercations have taken place between the security staff and supporters over the alleged overuse of the chant 'You Suck A**hole', which was directed at the Chicago Fire's goalkeeper.

Not exactly a death threat, and I must admit, rather tame compared to most chants your hear at football stadiums, but Gillette Stadium apparently has a zero tolerance on this form of chanting, and the security acted—in their eyes—in a manner accordingly befit the crime.

The perpetrators of the heinous act were immediately ejected from the stadium, with two arrests being made by the police after consultation with the over-enthusiastic security staff.

With the mass ejection of the fans from the 'Fort', so went the atmosphere in the stadium, with the players on the field looking bewildered at the sudden lack of fans and atmospheric chanting.

'Mountain out of a molehill' springs to mind in this instance, with no common sense being portrayed by the security staff.

Marc Roseblade is a Contributor for Bleacher Report as well as Not Just Scottish Football and youth development reporter for Ayr United Football Academy. All quotes are obtained first-hand unless otherwise stated.

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