San Francisco 49ers Bring the Circus to Town

Jay JamesonCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2008

When I was a kid (well, a younger one, anyway), my parents took me to see Barnum and Bailey's traveling circus at the Cow Palace. I remember how much fun I had staring and laughing at all of the oddities, peculiarities, and just slightly left-of-center spectacles. Everything under the big-top—the animals, the acrobats, the clowns, and the cotton candy—sent delight through my whole being.

It's funny how, as you get older (though I like to think I've never grown up), the circus just isn't that great anymore.

I didn't get the chance to see the circus in person this Sunday, but I caught it on TV. You know where this is going.

The only thing missing from Candlestick Park on Sunday was a giant tent. The 49ers managed to bring the circus back to town, and they invited all of San Francisco to the parade.

It's more and more painful to watch the 49ers these days. Say all of the nice things you want about the new ringleader, Mike Singletary, but he can't save this season.

The poor performance on the field rests solely on the shoulders of the players. They've been missing in action for almost all of the first eight games. There's no shortage of contract money on the 49ers, but there is an absence of skill and passion.

Speaking of a three-ring circus, J.T. O'Sullivan has finally found his way to the bench (all the credit to "Samurai Mike" for that move), and not a moment too soon. Let the Shaun Hill era begin anew, again, in San Francisco.

The defense continues to let up long, methodical drives, and then get torched with big, back-breaking, home-run plays. Sunday was no exception, as Leonard "You Must be Distracted by My Shoes" Weaver crippled the 49ers twice with two huge scores after two simple swing-pass receptions.

The offense has no continuity. Mike Martz consistently forgets about Frank Gore. The offensive line would get swallowed by LSU's front seven. And no player has stepped up to become a go-to target and game changer.

Singletary will have the bye week to whip this group of clowns into shape and get this circus ready for national exposure as San Francisco battles Arizona on Monday night in Week 10.

If you never had the opportunity to attend a Barnum and Bailey's bazaar, you've got the chance to bask in all the glory that is the "Sourdough Circus" for the next nine weeks. As a tip (I remember this from my circus going days): If you eat enough cotton candy, your head will hurt for a whole other reason unrelated to 49ers football.