WWE Capitol Punishment: Alberto del Rio vs. Big Show, Key Match for the Mexican

Luis HerreraAnalyst IJune 19, 2011

After three World Heavyweight Championship matches and a Royal Rumble victory in his past five PPV appearances, a mid-card bout could seem insignificant for Alberto del Rio.

Instead, the match against Big Show could be the most important in the Mexican’s career in the WWE.

Del Rio has made it clear: His destiny is to become a world champion. But his destiny has been delayed one and another time.

He was supposed to win the WHC at WrestleMania XXVII, but the WWE opted to let Edge retain the championship, maybe already aware of his imminent departure.

Then a rematch was scheduled for Extreme Rules, were Alberto would presumably win the championship, but plans had to change when Edge was forced to retire immediately and Christian replaced him on the match, which he won to start a formidable two-day reign.

In the process, Del Rio’s credibility was severely damaged: the powerful heel that was able to beat top faces clean became an ordinary coward and weak heel that needed help from his bodyguard and his ring announcer just to lose anyway.

Moved to RAW in the draft, La Esencia de la Excelencia got clearly lost in the shuffle.

One alarming sign of that: Until yesterday, his Wikipedia entry had just two lines from the moment he was drafted (it actually increased to four lines while I wrote this article).

And now, an odd feud with Big Show, the monster face of the WWE.

We all have seen what happened to the heels that feud with The Giant in the past year. It’s not pretty.

Jack Swagger’s title reign became a joke after being dominated week after week; the Straight Edge Society was single-handedly destroyed by Big Show; The Corre was never close to be a dominant faction like The Nexus.

The Mexican Aristocrat is supposedly scheduled to face John Cena at SummerSlam for the WWE title.

However, after R-Truth’s very successful heel-turn and CM Punk’s resurgence, plans could change again.

One thing is very clear: John Cena’s opponent at the second-most important PPV of the year can’t be a guy who just got destroyed.

To stay in the main event, Alberto del Rio has to beat Big Show.


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