IMPACT Wrestling: Bound for Glory Series League, Take Your Bets

Charlie GSenior Writer IJune 18, 2011

The new innovative and exciting Bound For Glory Series is under way. 

For those who don't know about this series, there are 12 competitors who will battle each other for points. The four men with the most points by the time of No Surrender will fight in a four-way match to determine the No. 1 contender for the world title at the Bound For Glory event.

The point system is simple:

Submission Victory: +10 points

Pinfall Victory: +7 points

Victory by DQ: +3 points

Match ends in draw: +2 points for each competitor

Lose by DQ: -10 points

Now, the rules for the Bound For Glory Series League are also simple:

Pick the wrestler you think/want to win and watch his progress from now until Bound For Glory!

More than one person can pick the same wrestler. 

To select someone, you must tell me in the comment section.

There will be a weekly leaderboard following the BFG Series and the League.

The person who selects the winning wrestler of the Series is the winner(s).

No switching wrestlers after June 22.

The League is closed to the public (no more entries) after June 23rd IMPACT.

Golden Rule: Enjoy the BFG League and the BFG Series!

 Tune into IMPACT every Thursday night to keep up with the Series!

Select a wrestler:

 A.J. Styles

Bobby Roode

Bully Ray




James Storm

Matt Morgan

Rob Van Dam

Samoa Joe

Scott Steiner

The Pope

Side Note: Whoever selects Rob Van Dam will start off with seven points after his victory over Samoa Joe. First Leaderboard update will be Saturday, June 25.