Alabama Fan Fantasy Land

Mitch Wilson@sportschatplaceSenior Writer IOctober 27, 2008

While it's been well documented that Nick Saban will do anything to win a few football games, I think it's just a sad commentary on the game of college football. While the success on the field is unquestioned, is it really worth the price the University of Alabama and its fans have paid for a few wins on the football field?

Now, I have been a fan of the game for quite some time. I have seen passion, and I live with a passion for the game. I am not delusional about the game as Crimson Tide fans have become in recent weeks.

While I know as well as anyone that winning is fun, what price are we willing to pay to win? At Alabama they have answered the question as: win at any cost, even at the cost of our dignity, and standards as an institution of higher learning.

Alabama had 10 players arrested this off season. I am not sure why head coach Nick Saban walks so easily with this track record.

While we hear Bama fans talking about the next big game or talking about winning the SEC, we rarely hear them talk about the absolute laughing stock their program has become in the eyes of the nation.

Sure the networks will ignore the stories, and act like it never happens, but how can we the public ignore it? It's not like we're talking about players who were at the school 15 years ago. These were players who were under the watchful eye of their head coach, Nick Saban.

I know as well as anyone that kids will be kids, and boys will be boys. But selling drugs to a federal agent, and assault with a deadly weapon, among other crimes go far beyond that. This is now the norm for the University of Alabama's football program.

And while these acts are happening, Alabama fans act as if it's OK. and rebound of sorts. On Bleacher Report, a member who goes by the name of 12 said," Alabama is headed in the right direction, academically and on the field, whether you will admit it or not, and Nick Saban is a major reason for that turn around in both areas."

I am not sure what a 49 percent graduation rate, and 10 off season arrests, is in the right direction. He sure said that with very strong conviction, strong enough that I have to believe it is what he really believes. So be it.

Another Alabama fan at Bleacher Report, Ctrl+Alt+Del, seems to believe twisted facts about other teams players in the past make Saban's behavior OK. For example he says, "Let's talk about Willie Williams who had 11 juvenile arrests before the Maker Of Thugs accepted him with no questions asked. Wow, 11 arrests and Thug U. welcomed him in like he was just their type of player."

While he is correct about Willie Williams record as a youth, what he fails to acknowledge was that Willie Williams had a stellar academic record and was given a very short leash. Miami took a chance on him. When Willie did so little as miss a study hall, he was thrown out of the school immediately.

Another Tide backer, Snu, believes that benching a player who is known around campus as a drug dealer is sufficient punishment. He says on the matter, "Jimmy Johns may have been in the game for a handful of plays last what. Obviously Saban knew the kid was a punk and kept him off the field for the majority of the season even though his Athletic ability could have helped the Tide win—that's called discipline."

I'm not sure that is what the federal justice system considers discipline, and neither do I.

In any event, these are just a handful of quotes and it certainly isn't a representation of all of the fans of the University of Alabama. It is obviously the feelings of some, and it makes a very sad statement about the state of the game today.