NBA Draft 2011: Best Draft Options for the Sacramento Kings at Pick No. 7

Blake Mehigan@blakeam11Correspondent IJune 23, 2011

NBA Draft 2011: Best Draft Options for the Sacramento Kings at Pick No. 7

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    Several NBA analysts have expected this to be a weak draft. The Kings at No. 7 could be the breaking point for a true impact player. After that it becomes a bit more risky, a role of the dice if you will.

    Around the seventh pick though, the Kings will essentially be in a wait and see sort of mode. While this may be a weak draft, it doesn't mean there are players with any less promise or potential. 

    I will attempt to break down the Kings' best draft options to the best of my abilities. Also, maybe this will satisfy a reader of mine that thought my basketball knowledge was not quite up to par.

Kemba Walker

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    How often do Allen Iverson style players come into this league? I would say about once every fifteen years.

    Walker willed UConn to a national title this past year and shows a winning pedigree that the Kings desperately lack. He is a little undersized and perhaps a bit of a ball hog at times, but with time Walker could develop the ideal balance between scorer and facilitator.

    Walker might be the best player available at seven, and for me taking the BPA makes the most sense. If this was a late first round pick, then you try and pick for need. Thankfully though, Walker seems to fit a need and be one of the best players on the board at seven.

Kawhi Leonard

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    Leonard is the best small forward in this draft and is only 19. He is a great rebounder, solid defender and a good athlete.

    The three may be the weakest part of the Kings lineup right now and Leonard would help solidify their front court. As much sense as Leonard makes at this pick, I have a hard time getting behind picking the San Diego State product.

    If Petrie is sold on the idea of Leonard, this will give the Kings the option to pick a guard in the second round as well. Leonard could be a very good player and I would not be opposed to seeing him in Sacramento next year.

Alec Burks

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    This is my dark-horse in this years draft for the Kings. Burks has been impressive in his workouts and many like his hybrid guard skills and large frame.

    At 6'6" the Colorado product has drawn comparisons to players that we haven't seen much of lately. Eddie Jones and Allan Houston are two players that were among the best at their position in the late 90's early 2000's.

    Burks is an explosive athlete who can get to the rack with ease. If he can learn to play off the ball more and work on his jumper, he could be a great pick for the Kings here.

    If Petrie passes on Walker and Leonard here, I'll be very intrigued at what he sees in the young combo guard. He may be a reach at seven, and could fall as far as No. 18 to the Wizards, but his upside and skill set make him hard to overlook.

Who Will It Be?

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    Much like it was DeMarcus Cousins last year, hopefully its Walker this year.

    Jay Bilas has Walker at four on his big board and could be the player that we will be talking about the most a few years down the line. With a three guard lineup of Walker, Thornton and Evans on the Kings, Sacramento could be looking at a very bright future.

    Obviously nothing is a sure shot, but for me Walker is the closest to that at seven, like Cousins was at five.

    He fits a need to a point and is most likely the best player available at seven. Pick the best player available, and worry about filling that need through other means. That is what late first round and second round picks are for.

    We will all find out tonight at 7 p.m. EST, 4 p.m. PST.

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