TNA News: IWC Favorite Desmond Wolfe Removed from TNA Roster

Gone Baby GoneContributerJune 17, 2011

This is a sad day for many fans of wrestling as former ROH champ Desmond Wolfe, aka Nigel McGuiness, has been removed from TNA's roster page.

This usually means the company and the wrestler have parted ways. As many wrestling fans know, Wolfe has not been seen on TV for almost a year, due to an undisclosed illness.

Wolfe is one of the greater talents in wrestling today and both TNA and the WWE are aware of what he can do. Prior to his TNA signing, the WWE signed him pending a physical, which he failed, allowing TNA to scoop him up. During his time in TNA, he had some amazing feuds most notably with Kurt Angle.

Unfortunately, after the Hogan/Bischoff regime took over his main event push started to dwindle. He later teamed up with Magnus to form "London Brawling." The team was on a fast track to the tag titles when Wolfe's medical condition caught up with him.

In May, he had a brief return on TNA's sister show XPlosion, announcing to the fans that he would be commissioner of that show. Not much more happened from there and now it appears he has been handed his walking papers.

Hopefully, this is not the end of his career. However, if it is, TNA or WWE should hire him behind the scenes. The man is brilliant on the mic and could easily train younger stars how to hone their mic skills.

Better yet, if he truly can no longer wrestle, make him a manager, as the transition would be seamless.

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