Peyton Manning, Where Have You Gone

Noah WilsonContributor IOctober 26, 2008

Six games into the 2008 NFL season who would have thought? 

The New England Patriots are a shell of their former selves due to a season-ending injury to Tom Brady.  The Dallas Cowboys are a shell of their former selves due to injuries to Tony Romo, Felix Jones, and Terrance Newman to name a few.  The San Diego Chargers are a shell of their former selves due to God knows what and are 3-5, and last but not least, the Indianapolis Colts are, well, I'm not quite sure but I do know one thing, they're not done yet.

At 3-3 through the first six games the Colts are nowhere near where they usually stand at this juncture.  Traditionally 6-0 or 5-1 through six games, the Colts are usually on their way to a 13 or 14 win season, but this season doesn't have the same feel.

The Colts will likely finish somewhere around 10-6 or maybe 11-5 if they're lucky, but thus far, they have been a huge disappointment. 

The injuries have destroyed this team. 

Their defensive front has been decimated by injuries, suspensions and surprise retirements and their back seven haven't been able to hold up especially without the top safety in football, Bob Sanders.  This has been a problem for the Colts in previous years and to me, this sounds suspiciously like the 2006 season when Sanders missed a good chunk of time The run defense was equally as terrible as it is now and the Colts still went on and won the Super Bowl. 

The offense hasn't had much better luck this year with the injuries of Joseph Addai and Dallas Clark taking their toll on the team.  It has always been about their quarterback though and starting tomorrow night it will be again. 

Peyton Manning, while usually a reason for the success of the Colts has been a reason for failure so far.  Manning has been mysteriously off early this year, but Monday night against the Titans look for him to get back where he needs to be.  The world is writing this team off, and Manning is just working on getting over his offseason surgeries and is about to come into his own.

Like so many quarterbacks, the troubles of Manning can be attributed to nagging injuries and a porous offensive line.  Look for the line to be shaping up against the Titans and look for Manning to tear apart the Titans and then set his sights squarely on the Patriots next Sunday night.

Any talk of any other quarterback being the best quarterback in the NFL (with Brady on IR) is absurd at best and on Monday Night Football, in front of a national TV audience, look for Peyton Manning and his offensive teammates to help out the struggling defense and get a much needed win keeping them in the AFC playoff picture, exposing the overrated Tennessee Titans in the process.