NFL Free Agency Speculation: 5 WRs the New York Jets Are Looking at

Eli Nachmany@EliNachmanyCorrespondent IIIJune 15, 2011

NFL Free Agency Speculation: 5 WRs the New York Jets Are Looking at

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    When the lockout ends, the New York Jets will be on the clock—this time, however, it will have nothing to do with the draft.

    The Jets will have to construct a competitive roster amidst the complications of free agency, and won't have very long to do so.

    Here are five wide receivers the Jets are thinking about signing when the lockout ends.

    The New York Jets are now on the clock.

Randy Moss

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    This proposal has been discussed in many football circles, considering that Moss would be a cheap yet viable option if motivated to play well.

    Moss would be welcomed, not shunned, by his coaching staff, and thus be inspired to put up numbers for the Jets.

    The big target could take the top off of the defense and aid Mark Sanchez, who likes to throw the deep ball.

    If the Patriots don't re-sign Moss, he will certainly have a chip on his shoulder and hate the team, something he could share with his Jet teammates.

Terrell Owens

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    Terrell Owens to the Jets was considered last year before the receiver signed with the Bengals, and there's no reason that the speculation shouldn't return this year.

    Owens can't command much money or much length on his contract due to his unstable attitude, which would give the Jets a cheap option at receiver.

    The veteran can still produce big numbers, as he proved last year with the Bengals, and the wideout didn't cause a terrible amount of noise while he was doing such.

    The pass-catcher knows how to still be successful in this league and can still produce at just a fraction of the normal cost.

Plaxico Burress

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    Since his release from prison, Plaxico has been one of the most talked about entities in the NFL during this trying lockout.

    Many wonder how much Burress has left in the tank, and the former convict wants to prove that he can still be a factor.

    Burress could, conceivably, take his talents across town and play for the other New York team.

    The veteran wideout would be able to stay home and give Mark Sanchez a big body to throw the ball to.

Sidney Rice

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    Sidney Rice, for the Jets, is more of a luxury item than a real need—if Randy Moss is bread, then Sidney Rice is cake.

    Either way, the Viking wideout has proven that with only a little motivation, he can put up huge numbers for whomever he plays for.

    Rice is a real vertical threat who would victimize any corner he faced in the competitive AFC East.

    The young pass-catcher could be a Jet for a long time, should they sign him, and he'd certainly make a huge impact from day one.

Santonio Holmes/Braylon Edwards

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    Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards combined to be the Jet "Flight Crew" last year, and the team may have their two best options at receiver sitting in their backyard.

    While it may be complicated to re-sign both of these players, they'd provide continuity at the position for Mark Sanchez and help the young passer develop rapport with a group of the same receivers.

    The Jet aerial attack is on the rise, and Holmes and Edwards are two key components of this rise to the top.

    Free agent receivers are great, but the guys already on the team have that much of an advantage because they don't have to learn a new offensive system in this lockout.