WWE: Captain Charisma's Best Heel Turns

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IJune 13, 2011

WWE: Captain Charisma's Best Heel Turns

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    One of the best parts of wrestling for me is the heel and face turns. There is nothing better than seeing one-time friends, tag-teams, or anybody else turn on each other. It has become harder to get surprised during this time with the Internet and spoilers.

    Even so, every once in a while there is one that happens where everybody lets out a loud "FINALLY!"

    One of those moments happened when Christian attacked Randy Orton after Smackdown.

    After months of jobbing, losing, and looking like he was only setting up Del Rio for success, Christian finally got his and moved up to the main event.

    Christian being a heel is not new, as he has been one most of career.

    I have put together a list of Christian's best heel turns. I hope you enjoy.

Christian Turns on Y2J at Wrestlemania 20

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    This one is No.1 on my personal list for many reasons, mainly because I didn't know about any wrestling spoiler websites and didn't know what would happen in advance.

    The set-up for this match was arguably one of the best in Christian's career, involving two future WWE Hall of Famers: Chris Jericho and Trish Stratus.

    The outcome of this match was (easy for me to predict but I am a huge fan) surprising to most people. But what happened after the match was what shocked me most.

    Christian and Trish Stratus joined up against Jericho when it appeared to be the other way around.

    Not only was this awesome but it continued the feud that most thought would end at Wrestlemania.

    Reek of Awesomeness-O-Meter: 9.5

Christian Turns on DDP

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    This turn kind of doesn't count for the title, but it was a good turn nonetheless.

    At this point, Christan was losing a lot and DDP became his mentor to help him win again.

    I am sure everybody saw this one coming. It was just a matter of when he was going to do it.

    This was more of a humor feud and was actually pretty funny, at least to a 12-year-old.

    Even though he lost this match, the feud showed one of Christian's best attributes: sarcasm.

    Reek of Awesomeness-O-Meter: 4.5 (It was a 3 but the face he made in this video moved it up.)

Christian Turns on Randy Orton

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    This recent turn was on Randy Orton. It appeared they were on the same page, even though Christian wanted another title shot against Orton.

    It was the first heel turn of Christian since returning to the WWE, and it is about time. Let's face it, Christian is just not cut out to be a face.

    While it is too early to tell how this one will turn out, it looks to be in Christian's favor.

    Move to 1:40 to see the turn.

    Reek of Awesomeness-O-Meter: 7

Christian Turns on Edge

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    So for you guys that were just looking for this slide, here it is.

    One of the greatest heel turns of all time (IMO) that split up arguably one of the best tag-teams of all time.

    This turn was beneficial to both wrestlers. After that turn, they both went on to great solo careers.

    Reek of Awesomeness-O-Meter: Infinity


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    So that is my list of Christian's best heel turns. Before you guys comment on it, I know I did not put any from TNA. I wanted it to be a WWE thing.

    Hope you enjoyed it.