New Brett City

JACK LContributor IOctober 24, 2008

    On the magical day of October 10, 1969 Brett Lorenzo Favre was born. Brett Favre was born in Gulfport, Miss. to his father and offensive football coach, Irvin Favre.

    Favre attended Southern Miss. where he was originally the seventh-string QB, however in the second half of his third game, a new starting QB took over-- Brett Lorenzo Favre.

    After four years at Southern Miss., Favre was entered into the 1991 NFL draft, where he was selected 2nd round 33rd pick to the Atlanta Falcons.

    Soon after Favre was traded to the Green Bay Packers, where he would later be remembered forever. Favre led the packers for 16 great seasons from '92-'07.

    On August 7, 2008 the New York Jets acquired the legend  in exchange for a conditional 4th rounder in the 2009 draft. 

    Who would have ever suspected the future hall-of-famer wearing a Jets jersey in his 18th season?

    Favre summoned his famous #4 to be stitched into the green and white of the Jets.

    As these jerseys rapidly rolled through stores, so too did the Jets and their new leader.

    On September 7, Favre won his regular season debut against the Miami Dolphins marking Favre's first victory in the new colors.

    In week 3, against the Arizona Cardinals, Favre threw for a mind-blowing 6 touchdowns. This outstanding performance was a first in Favre's career. Perhaps Brett was always meant to be a Jet.

    Entering week 8, the Jets rank third in the AFC East, trailing the Bills by two games. The Jets' record is moderate at .500, 3-3. However, this is a clear improvement from last year's horrid season.

    The Jets have not only improved their solid record, but also in defense and offense. NYJ ranks a bit better than the average team, however ranks 4th in rushing defense. As for offense, Favre has created the 8th most scoring offense in the NFL.

    Hopefully with every new QB, comes a new start. With the acquiring of Brett Favre, the Jets, as well as its fans are hoping to turn over a new leaf. At this point, there is not much Jet fans be upset at besides the loss to the Raiders. As for the 39 year old Favre, he has captured the eye of all of New York along with the rest of the NFL community. Seriously, c'mon, The Brett Favre is now playing for the greatest city in the world, who could ask for more?

    Thank God for Brett Favre.