UFC 131 Results: What Is Next for Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone?

Jason SchielkeCorrespondent IJune 12, 2011

Saturday night at UFC 131, former WEC lightweight top contender Donald Cerrone went up against the very tough Vagner Rocha.

Despite all his toughness, Rocha never posed any sort of threat to the "Cowboy." For three rounds, Cerrone used his superior Muay Thai to absolutely destroy Rocha's front leg. At one point during the twilight of the fight, Cerrone was actually able to drop Rocha with a leg kicks.

The fight didn't spend much time on the mat, and that is because Cerrone didn't want the fight there. But for the brief amount of time the fight was there, Cerrone used his guard to nullify any offense that Rocha may have imposed on him.

So after his successful UFC debut, who should Cerrone square off against next?

After all his success in the WEC, and now success in the UFC, Cerrone deserves to fight someone who is towards the top of the division.

With that said, let's give him Anthony Pettis.

Pettis is coming off a loss against Clay Guida in a fight in which one could make a solid argument that Pettis actually won.

A match between the former WEC standouts would not only be a highly entertaining bout between two exciting fighters, but also would be a good gauge to determine where both these young fighters stand as they move forward in their careers.


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