WWE: Splitting the Differences

Richard TilleyContributor IIIJune 11, 2011

Going into Capitol Punishment, a few things have shifted in the WWE. A few heel turns, a few bumps here and there, and a changed main event scene for the most part. Here's the Splitting the Differences back in May. So without further ado, here are the rankings as of now.

A List Faces

John Cena

Randy Orton

Rey Mysterio


A List Heels

The Miz

CM Punk/Nexus

Alberto Del Rio

Cody Rhodes



B List Faces

John Morrison

Sin Cara

Daniel Bryan

Kofi Kingston

Big Show


Evan Bourne

Ezekiel Jackson

Alex Riley


B List Heels

Wade Barrett/Corre

R Truth


Mark Henry

Jack Swagger

Ted DiBiase

Dolph Ziggler

Great Khali

Jinder Mahal


C List Faces

Santino Marella

Vladimir Kozlov

Yoshi Tatsu


Trent Barreta

Chris Masters


C List Heels

Curt Hawkins


Zack Ryder

Drew Mcintyre


Legendary Status


Triple H


So lets talk about this. The most notable change is Christian's obvious shift to being an A-list heel. I'm looking forward to this, because as of now, in my opinion, Christian is the biggest heel in the WWE.

We now have three main faces of the WWE against the COLOSSAL amount of heels. In one month, Christian, R Truth, and The Great Khali have all went heel in exchange for Alex Riley going face. Does this mean big things are in store for Alex Riley? We'll see.

And I know you're asking why R-Truth is STILL a B-list heel. Well he still has to prove himself, in my opinion. He could just end up like Dolph Ziggler after his feud with Edge and be back to midcard. But if he keeps on the track he's on then he can be an A-list heel in no time.

It also seems as if Jinder Mahal shot up out of nowhere. He's been getting a considerable amount of heat for a guy who is dependent on the Great Khali. Expect him to be a force in the midcard.

Man, what is Vince doing with Drew Mcintyre? The Chosen One who was pretty guaranteed to be an A- List heel is now a C-list heel who can barely get out of the Superstars circuit. It's sad seeing such an awesome heel wasted, but I guess creative just doesn't see what some of us see in him.

That's all for now folks, leave comments at the bottom.