WWE: Splitting the Differences Between the Current Superstars

Richard TilleyContributor IIIMay 21, 2011

We are a few weeks after the draft, and since then we have seen a few heel turns and unexpected events. As of now, here's things look:

A List Faces

John Cena

Randy Orton

Rey Mysterio


A List Heels

The Miz

CM Punk/Nexus

Alberto Del Rio

Cody Rhodes (There's going to be some debate on this one, but he's the best heel they got on Smackdown)

B List Faces

John Morrison

Sin Cara

Daniel Bryan

Kofi Kingston

Big Show


Evan Bourne

Ezekiel Jackson

B List Heels

Wade Barrett/Corre

R Truth


Mark Henry

Jack Swagger

Chavo Guerrero

Ted DiBiase

Drew McIntyre

Dolph Ziggler

C List Faces

Great Khali (for now, expect a heel turn and a bump to B List very soon)

Santino Marella

Vladimir Kozlov

Yoshi Tatsu


Trent Barreta

Chris Masters

C List Heels

Curt Hawkins

Alex Riley


Zack Ryder :(

Legendary Status


Triple H

Now that we know where everybody is placed, you're probably asking some questions. First, why is Cody Rhodes on the A List?

Well simply put, who is Christian or Randy Orton going face after their feud is over? I'll tell you who it isn't going to be: Sheamus or Mark Henry.

Neither of them would create a good storyline, and no matter what the face would come out on top. Plus, Cody Rhodes has been gaining some major heat from the fans with his paper bag scheme.

Another one, why aren't Big Show and Kane A list faces?

Well, since they are the tag champs, and god knows that Vince does not care about the tag team championships, they are B List. However, if either of them gets in a storyline for the WWE/WHC they could easily make it to A List.

Whats with the Legendary Status of Triple H and Undertaker?

Well, lets face it, they aren't really the most active guys on the roster. They aren't going to be competing in any matches unless they're of EPIC proportions. If they wanted to, they could drop down to A List faces, but that's highly unlikely.

Now lets take a look at a few problems. The first one I can see is Cody Rhodes is the only big heel on Smackdown. This means either more heels will be or the draft completely screwed up the heel ratio from Smackdown to Raw.

This leaves me to think that Alberto Del Rio should've stayed on Smackdown, as there are way too many good heels on Raw.

And also, this might be a wild guess, but either Cena, Randy, or Christian is going to turn heel. More than likely it will be Randy or Christian than Cena.

Another problem is that Cena might be holding on to the title for a long, long time due to the amount of heels. Expect either R Truth or CM Punk to feud with him after Over the Limit. Miz will probably have a storyline with Rey, or hopefully a returning John Morrison.

The real turning point is going to be at Money in the Bank. It's literally unpredictable who's going to win it this time. But hey, patience, young grasshopper.

That's it, put your comments below.


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