Tough Road Ahead

Trever RobyContributor IOctober 24, 2008

Just as things were looking better for the Indianapolis Colts against the Ravens, they get smashed by the Green Bay Packers the following week. It actually was the worse football I have ever seen the Colts play, and the score showed it. 14-34.

Lets see what the Colts have done this far in the season...

Week One: The Chicago Bears came to town. It was the first game in the Colts new stadium, The Lucas Oil Stadium. The Colts will not be the first team to win it though. The bears stopped everything the Colts threw at them and took a 29-13 win.

Week Two: As the Colts were 0-1 for the first time since Peyton Manning's rookie season, they entered Minnesota to Battle the Vikings. The Colts make a minor comeback for the win. Not as big as they'll experience later in the season. Everyone thought the superb running game of the Vikings would burst the Colts, but that wasn't the case. The Colts found a defense and beat the Vikings 18-15.

Week Three: The Jags came to town. Things were looking good for the colts... for the first quarter. The running duo of Maurice Jones-Drew and James Taylor trampled the colts. It wasn't the bad of a game, it was just one of those games that you wished could last a few more minutes. Joseph Addai ran a two yard touchdown for the lead. With just eight seconds left, Jacksonville kicked a 51 yard field goal for a 23-21 win over the Colts. This means the Colt's new stadium remains win less... still.

Week Four: Bye week for the Colts. Blessing in many ways; gave them much needed practice and rest.

Week Five: Colts travel to Houston to duke it out with the Texans. The Colts started out good: touchdown by Addai, and field goal by Adam Vinatieri. Once the first quarter ended, everything fell apart. 17 points were scored by the Texans, to make the half score a disappointing 17-10 Texans. The third quarter wasn't to good for any team, especially the Colts. Entering the fourth quarter, the Colts were down 20-10. With only four minutes left, the Colts defense made some great plays and in turn awarded Indy with the biggest comeback this far into the season. Colts win 27-31.

Week Six: Ravens come to Indy. With the much needed confidence that came with the amazing win over the Ravens, things were looking good for the Colts. They stopped everything the Ravens threw at them. Indy dominated on both sides of the ball, only allowing three points for the ravens. The Colts win second in a row: 31-3.

Week Seven: Colts go to Green Bay for the first time since 2000. It wasn't one of their most successful trips either. After everything was looking great for two weeks in a row, Green Bay comes in and tramples the Colts. Colts couldn't stop the run at all, which allowed Green Bay a 34-14 win over the Colts.

... so that's what has made the Colts what they are now. 3-3. Not one of the best years for the Colts, that's for sure. But are the Colts done for the year? Should they just call it a season? Absolutely not, there's 10 more chances for the Colts to show us what they've got.

Next Monday the Colts will travel to Tennessee to take on the 6-0 Titans. It's usually the other way around at this point in the season. The Colts are used to leading the division over the Titans. With the absence of Bob Sanders, Joseph Addai, Kelvin Hayden, and Roy Hall, the Colts are definitely hurting in more than one area. The hard-hitting Freddy Keiaho is questionable.

With a win against the Titans, it'll put the Colts right back into the race for the division which they have won the past five years in a row. The Colts will face the Titans at home for the end of the regular season on December 28th.