Most Embarrassing Superstar Moments

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIJune 11, 2011

Most Embarrassing Superstar Moments

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    While many of the best athletes dominate their field and are labeled as masters of their craft, off-the-field antics can define a star's career.

    For fans, embarrassing moments are a form of entertainment and easy mockery.

    Watching their heroes display a human side is perhaps the most rewarding experience for fans.

    These are the moments that become sports' equalizer and we will always embrace the opportunity to laugh. 

    We love watching the best athletes embarrass themselves unintentionally.

    Here are the most embarrassing moments of the best superstars in sports.


20. Everybody Put Your Hands in the Air

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    Considering Gisele was at the bottom of the slide waiting for him, we'll give Tom Brady a break on this one.

    However, it's baffling why any NFL defense is ever intimidated by this sight.

    Head coaches undoubtedly hang pictures of this on the chalkboard for motivation when playing the Patriots.

    Either it works perfectly or the players can't keep a straight face.

19. The Munchies

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    While many fans are appalled with Michael Phelps' decision to smoke marijuana, it makes perfect sense when you see his 12,000-calorie diet.

    Breakfast: Three fried-egg sandwiches loaded with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions and mayonnaise. Two cups of coffee. One five-egg omelet. One bowl of grits. Three slices of French toast topped with powdered sugar. Three chocolate-chip pancakes.

    Lunch: One pound of enriched pasta. Two large ham and cheese sandwiches with mayo on white bread. Energy drinks packing 1,000 calories.

    Dinner: One pound of pasta. An entire pizza. More energy drinks.

    How else could he take all that in?


18. Shaq-Tastic

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    He may be the most powerful center to ever play the game of basketball, but he also exemplifies some unique finesse in this dance-off with the youthful Justin Bieber.

    Whoever says big men can't move hasn't seen O'Neal hit the dance floor.

    Nothing is more entertaining than watching a 7'0", 325-pound mammoth use fundamentals.

17. Class Act

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    It's fair to label Jared Allen as Jesus Christ.

    Not only does the star defensive end have 83 career sacks, but his favorite car is also a '69 pink Cadillac, so you know he's classy.

    The AK-47 is just part of the swagger, he doesn't actually use it to herd cattle.

16. His Favorite Mistress Is Himself

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    There is a reason Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz reportedly broke up.

    It's because he is more in love with himself than any of his conquests.

    Seemingly the American Cristiano Ronaldo, A-Rod now seems mortal and on the decline of his career.

    His numbers (.276, 11 home runs and 34 RBI) are still solid but far below par for the superstar.

    He can't keep his eyes off himself.

15. Shaq Diesel

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    It's safe to say Shaq has never sweat more in an NBA game than he did in this match of wits.

    It may seem to be a physical match but it is more mental than anything else as the prospect of shoving another wet hot dog down one's throat is nauseating.

    Shaq has the championship pedigree and is used to the pressure.

    Experience always wins.

14. Good Source of Protein

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    This fight featured one of the defining moments of Mike Tyson's career.

    In one of the most unsportsmanlike acts ever in sports, "Iron Mike" bit off his counterpart's ear in an attempt to prove his lunacy.

    If anyone questions Tyson's insanity, they are just as crazy.

    Easily the most dangerous man on the planet in his heyday.

13. Take His Keys

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    Watching this live, it didn't seem so controversial and was actually quite hilarious.

    Looking back, however, the Hall of Fame Jets quarterback made a fool of himself and, unlike 173 times during his prolific career, he didn't score.

    Chad Pennington was the classier act on that night.

12. Jungle Fever

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    One day he's bald, then has corn rows and finally sports a comb-over.

    While star footballer David Beckham continues to search for the perfect hairdo, he continues to forget a shirt.

    Rarely can you find a picture of Beckham not exposed.

    Girls don't mind, but we male fans continue to shake our heads.

11. The Decline of the Lakers

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    This video is proof that the camaraderie on the Lakers has never been worse.

    We are all used to those awkward attempts at high-fives or pounds, with the counterpart often oblivious, but this moment just typifies the Lakers' season.

    Better luck next year.

10. Do as I Do

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    While Roddick does a superior job of emulating the thick Serena Williams, he still isn't improving his own play.

    He might be mocking a better tennis player.

    With the strongest serve in tennis and a winner's mentality, Roddick has always been plagued by frustration and immaturity.

    He needs to take a page out of Serena's book.

9. Chatty Yet Symbolic

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    The chatty receiver Terrell Owens is seen here with his ex-fiance Felisha Terrell (ironic last name) in an eye-opening collage of some sort.

    We don't really know what to make of this except it definitely takes precedence over that commercial he did with Nicole Sheridan.

    Which team will he pretend to improve next year?

8. Doing the Nash

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    Steve Nash is elusive on the basketball court and immortal on the dance floor.

    He reminds us of that omnipresent old guy who is beyond drunk and creeping around the club looking for easy women.

    At least Nash has a stellar résumé.

7. LeBron's Prerogative

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    It's clear he dominated this stage more on this night in 2007 than he has any of the games during the 2011 NBA Finals.

    It's safe to say everyone at the ESPY's enjoyed this moment.

    Back when LeBron James was innocent.

6. He Can Talk the Talk

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    A man who loves to talk the talk but is afraid to make any physical statement, Mayweather is featured here in one of the most awkward interviews in the history of boxing, and perhaps sports.

    It's comical to watch Mayweather avoid Manny Pacquiao fight questions.

    If he could just acquire a set of testicles and fight the best boxer in the world, all his haters would keep quiet.

    Unfortunately, the moment he loses to Pacquiao, he becomes irrelevant.

5. Ray Ray Spice

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    Keep in mind that everything in this commercial could easily be real with the likes of Ray Lewis running the show.

    A fearless leader and intimidator, Lewis can easily convince a throng of viewers to use this deodorant.

    Might as well smell good while you're decimating an offense.

4. Vodka Makes Everything Better

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    Arguably the most prolific scorer in hockey needs serious singing lessons if he is ever planning to do another melodic commercial.

    Named "The Great," Alexander Ovechkin needs to stick to scoring goals and eluding defensemen because his acting skills are atrocious.

    While we love his request for more shots of vodka, it's unlikely that will help his talent.

    However, he might envision himself as an award-winning actor in his state of inebriation.

3. Love for the Handshake

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    Kevin Love deserves credit—at least he is honest.

    As a critical facet of the game, the handshake must be mastered.

    It doesn't matter that Love had 20.2 points per game and 15.2 rebounds if he can't get the shake down.

    Defining moments in sports.

2. The Real Spike

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    It must be that time of the month.

    He may be statistically one of the best quarterbacks football has ever seen, but Dan Marino has a vulnerable side. 

    His crankiness is unsettling as we watch this "immortal" figure unravel.

1. The Brady Hunch

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    This guy should keep his day job...unless it's dancing.

    He may have won the MVP last year and established his immortality in football history years ago but the Patriots' star signal-caller can't move with the best of them, or the worst.

    Stick to football Tom, hopefully Gisele didn't see this clip.