You Stay Classy, Morgantown: An Auburn Fan's Experience

ClaytonCorrespondent IOctober 24, 2008

The day I found out that Auburn was going to have a home and home series with West Virginia, I was very excited. Within the hour, I was on the phone with friends planning the trip to Morgantown.


We searched all the travel sites, booked the flights, hotels, and rent-a-car. We were all set to witness and experience a treasured football tradition and exciting game day atmosphere. We boarded the flight early Thursday morning for Pittsburgh, PA and drove to Morgantown, WV from there.


As we arrived in Morgantown, we decided to first drive around campus to see what it had to offer. Naturally, we had brought an Auburn flag to put in the window. That is when it all started.


We had been in town for a total of five minutes. We were stopped at a red light when I looked over to see some WVU fans in the neighboring car all giving us the finger. We laughed it off, and when the light turned green, drove away.


We then found a parking area for $20, paid the fee, and began walking around the WV tailgating scene. That is when it started to get a little out of hand.


WV fans were screaming at us and shooting us the bird again and again. They were shouting in curse words from every corner. I couldn’t believe how they were acting. We weren’t doing anything to provoke them. It was an absolute disgrace to their university that they were representing.


Now with that, there were some WV fans that just said “Go Mountaineers” or even “Welcome to West Virginia,” but they were very rare. As a whole, I would say that WV is just as bad as or WORSE than LSU fans. My friends and I have never felt so unwelcome or as if we were trespassing.


Thank God that we were sitting in the Auburn section. I would have hated to sit next to some hillbilly redneck from Deliverance, WV the whole game, put up with their crap, and listen to all of their insults.


Even after beating us soundly, it wasn’t enough for them. Men, women, and children alike were going crazy saying, “Damn, we really kicked your a$$. Y'all suck something bad. How'd y'all like watchin' a real football team play?” It was never ending.


When we finally got back to the car, we found it vandalized. The Auburn flag had been burned, causing paint damage, and the car was covered in damp baby powder. Thank goodness I got the insurance on the car. We had to wait an hour for a cop to come to make a police report.


We finally got on the road and headed back to Pittsburgh, spent the night, and came back to Dixie.


A trip to LSU is a breeze compared to going to West Virginia.


I am sorry if this offended the few good fans that WV has to offer. We welcome you to travel to Auburn in the fall. You will love it here.


As for the rest of the Hatfields and McCoys, go back to your shanties and stay in West Virginia.