NBA Mock Draft 2011: Final 1st-Round Picks

Francisco RiveraCorrespondent IJune 23, 2011

NBA Mock Draft 2011: Final 1st-Round Picks

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    These are the names Mr. Stern will be calling on thursday
    These are the names Mr. Stern will be calling on thursdayAl Bello/Getty Images

    With the draft nearing and teams scrambling for better draft position, teams are in the final stages in their respective war rooms. Decisions by all will finally be made and with that in mine here is my final mock for the 2011 NBA draft. So here goes picks one-five:


    1. Cavs: Kyrie Irving PG

    There calling him the next Chris Paul and they better hope they are right.

    2. T-Wolves: Derrick Williams SF/PF

    So explosive and has much to offer a new team. Is he the real No.1 pick?

    3. Jazz:  Kemba Walker PG/SG

    Jazz go with the biggest winner in college hoops. 

    4. Cavs: Jonas Valanciunas C

    Jonas is long lanky guy who doesn't have to be rushed but has great upside. Think Andris Biedrins with a bit more skills.

    5. Raptors:  Enes Kanter

    Size matters and Enes has plenty of of it. Andrea Bargnani needs a little help.

PICKS: 6-10

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    Will Burks emerge as they best of this bunch?
    Will Burks emerge as they best of this bunch?Jamie Squire/Getty Images

    6. Wizards: Jan Vesely SF/PF

    With no real fit at SF, Wizards go with 6' 11" Czech who has a solid skill set to go with some nice hops to finish some of John Wall alley oops. Tom Chambers reincarnated?

    7. Kings: Brandon Knight PG/SG

    Will probably move some of the older guards on team to make room for this explosive combo guard.

    8. Pistons: Kawhi Leonard SF

    Leonard is good fit who can grow into a solid player on both ends. His rebounding, toughness and motor will make GM Joe Dumars look good. 

    9. Bobcats: Bismark Biyombo F/C

    With very little defensive presence on team, Jordan goes out and picks up what he thinks might be the next Ben Wallace.

    10. Bucks: Alec Burks SG

    Seriously gifted athlete will be able to play both guards spots. With Bucks guards aging, Burks might be the best of picks six-10.

Picks 11-15

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    Morris's  game should  get him into Rocket Lineup
    Morris's game should get him into Rocket LineupJamie Squire/Getty Images

    11. Warriors: Klay Thompson SG

    With shooting a high priority with Monta Ellis possibly leaving, The 6'7" Klay and his Kevin Martin like game will be welcomed at SG and SF.

    12. Jazz: Chris Singleton SF/PF

    With Andrei Kirilenko on his way out, Jazz go defense and acquire a Josh Smith like athlete with better defensive skills.

    13. Suns: Donatas Motiejunas F/C 

    The big man's skill set and Steve Nash making his touches simple give the 7ft Lithuanian time to grow

    14. Rockets: Marcus Morris SF/PF 

    The first of the twins is off the board and brings his versatile game and high energy to Houston.

    15. Pacers Tristan Thompson PF

    Pacers need more more size and toughness and Tristan brings both to them. His high energy game resembles a more athletic Othella Harrington.



PICKS 16-20

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    Jimmer falls to KnIcks?
    Jimmer falls to KnIcks?Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    16. 76ers: Jordan Hamilton SF

    76ers need size but with uncertainty with Andre Iguodala, they go with a poor's mans Kevin Durant and that still very good.

    17. Knicks: Jimmer Fredette PG/SG

    Can he get off against NBA defenses? With all the double teams Carmelo and Amare get, shots will be available to the drafts best shooter.

    18. Wizards: Kenneth Farid PF

    One thing the Wizards lack is a tough rebounder and this guy is certainly the answer. He will have time to develop weak offensive game and just be a beast on the boards and in transition.

    19. Bobcats: Marshon Brooks SG

    The Bobcats lack a true scorer at the SG position and one of the NCAA falls to them at 19. Jordan has a intriguing prospect in Brooks too work with. 

    20. T-Wolves:   Nikola Vucevic C

    Sleeper pick here as Nikola tested as well as anyone at his position. The teams need for size pushes them in this direction. 

PICKS 21-25

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    Jackson to Celts?
    Jackson to Celts?Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    21. Trail Blazers: Justin Harper PF

    With such a deep group, the Blazers can reach a bit here and they go with an athletic shooting big man who can stretch the defenses with his deep range.

    22. Nuggets: Markieff Morris PF

    Twin two, the more rugged of the two, will bring shot blocking, rebounding and solid shooting to a team possibly losing it own.   

    23. Rockets: Tyler Honeycutt SG/SF

    Tyler will bring his Matt Barnes type skills and create some noise competing for minutes in Houston. 

    24. Thunder: Jeremy Tyler C

    Great time for OKC to reach and they reach big in this seven-footer who spent last two years playing overseas. Might blossom into a late sleeper pick with his combination of size and athletic ability.

    25: Celtics: Reggie Jackson PG

    After seeing what happened to Rondo in playoffs, Celtics provide themselves with some depth at PG. Jackson has ability to be a combo guard as well.

PICKS 26-30

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    26. Mavs: Jon Leuer PF

    With Dirk fresh off a title and getting older by the minute, Champs go with a sweet shooting seven-footer for depth and who better to mentor the big fella. 

    27. Nets: Josh Shelby PG/SG

    Nets bring in ultra athletic guard who didn't show his whole hand in college. Type of sleeper that could haunt teams that avoided him earlier. 

    28. Bulls: Jajuan Johnson PF/C

    Johnson  is a great pickup this late in the draft. Similar player to Taj Gibson and that will provide Boozer and Noah with depth. 

    29. Spurs: Nikola Mirotic PF 

    Spurs love to go international and why stop now as they go with the skilled big who will learn from one of the best all time in Duncan,

    30. Bulls: Iman Shumpert PG

    Derrick Rose needs a rest every one in awhile and might have found the person in Shumpert. He is a big PG who can really defend and dish the ball. 


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