New Nintendo Console Wii U Hints at Future of Sports Video Games with 2 Trailers

Big-Time Timmy-JimAnalyst IJune 7, 2011

Nintendo officially announced its new console, the Wii U, at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles on Tuesday, and one noticeable takeaway was the console's possibilities for sports games like Madden NFL.

If you skip ahead to the 2:00 mark in the above video, you'll see Nintendo (likely coincidentally) show how the new system could be transitioned from a television to a 6" in-controller touch screen when the TV feed is switched to a baseball game.

Later in the video, though, is where it gets interesting for the future of sports video games. While the first Wii introduced motion controls like swinging a bat, the "Wii 2," if you will, is showing off (at the 2:50 mark) that it can let a player pick a pitch location with the catcher's mitt on a private controller screen so an opponent in the room can't see what's coming.

Shortly after that in the video, the in-controller screen is placed on the floor to show a golf ball in a sand trap while a girl employs a Wiimote to swing a club at a more tangible target on the ground in front of her. 

And for fans of the Madden NFL series, Time Magazine's Techland site is reporting that EA Sports has confirmed exciting plans for making use of the controller:

EA Sports showed a demo of Madden football, too, and touted the controller's ability to show play-calling data and stats while keeping the main TV screen unobstructed for high-definition gameplay.

Via the E3 website, here's a video of EA Sports talking about the feature:


What do you think about the possibilities? Are there any other sports game uses you'd like to see with the new console?