Baltimore Orioles 2011 MLB Draft Analysis: First Round Pick Dylan Bundy

Craig ChapmanCorrespondent IJune 7, 2011

Photo by Kevin Bishop
Photo by Kevin Bishop

The Orioles have showcased their young pitching talent this season and in the first round of the 2011 MLB Draft, they welcomed a right handed high school pitcher to their arsenal. Dylan Bundy, a pitcher from Owasso High School in Oklahoma, was selected with the fourth overall pick.

It's not odd for a high school pitcher to get selected high in the draft, but Bundy is a special guy. He tops out at 100 miles per hour and has left batters star struck with his raw talent. He first appeared on the scouting radar when he was throwing in the low 90s during his freshman year of high school. Dylan has come a long way since then and it's shown, as he was the highest drafted high school athlete in his draft.

At 6 foot, 220 pounds, Dylan is a very dominant pitcher at his level. He threw a no-hitter this season and has thrown so many one-hitters that you can't count them on one hand. His strikeout per nine innings ratio is 20.39 and for some perspective, the highest K/9 ratio right now in the Major Leagues belongs to Matt Garza (10.71). This kid clearly has tools that, if developed, can turn him into an ace.

His fastball is his dominant pitch as he tops out at 100 miles per hour with great control. Even his secondary pitches, including his slider and curveball have excellent control to them. I would go as far to say that he has a Major League ready slider because it's that polished. Not only is he a mechanically fluid player, but he has no history of chronic or acute injury. Great news for the Orioles since injuries have been a plague in their Minor and Major League systems in regards to starting pitching.

The only problem with this draft pick will be trying to pull him away from a scholarship to play baseball at the University of Texas. It might take more than the projected $1.5 million, but I would be very surprised if he chose college over a chance at the Majors, especially being the fourth overall pick.