TUF 13 Finale Results: Clay Guida and the Top 5 UFC Lightweight Wrestlers

Andrew MahlmannCorrespondent IJune 5, 2011

TUF 13 Finale Results: Clay Guida and the Top 5 UFC Lightweight Wrestlers

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    Clay Guida defeated Anthony Pettis with a dominant wrestling game.

    There are plenty of other talented wrestlers in the UFC lightweight division, so how does Guida stack up?

    As he continues his push towards the top of the division and a potential future title shot, Guida is going to have to face fighters with his level of wrestling or even greater.

    The top guys are all so talented that advantages are determined by a matter of milliseconds and centimeters. These are the top five wrestlers in the UFC's lightweight division.

Honorable Mention

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    Jacob Volkmann

    Kamal Shalorus

    Nick Lentz

    Waylon Lowe

    Ben Henderson

5. Jim Miller

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    Like champion Frankie Edgar, Jim Miller looks like he might be a little undersized for the lightweight division yet he is still one of the most dominant wrestlers.

    Miller wrestled in high school and then for a year at Virginia Tech University.

    He has developed an outstanding striking and submission game but the lightweight contender's wrestling will always be his base.

4. Sean Sherk

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    The former lightweight champion has been wrestling since age seven.

    Before he adopted his new boxing fighting style, Sherk was the most relentless grinder/wreslter that the sport had ever seen.

    He is getting towards the end of his career but he is still one of the most dominant wrestlers in the world at lightweight.

3. Clay Guida

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    Like in his fight against Nate Diaz, Clay Guida's most recent performance proved that he can grind out and control even the most dangerous of opponents.

    He also reaffirmed that he is quite possibly the most relentless and tenacious wrestler in the division.

2. Gray Maynard

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    A three time NCAA division one All-American, Gray Maynard could very well be regarded as the No. 1 man on this list.

    In fact, he owns a victory over the man in the No.1 spot, which he mostly earned by outwrestling him.

    Maynard will have a chance to prove his superiority in the coming months.

1. Frankie Edgar

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    When Gray Maynard gets another crack at Frankie Edgar later this year, he may very well show an advantage in the wrestling department.

    In their last meeting, however, Edgar earned a slight edge in the wrestling department for rounds two through five.

    As it stands right now, Edgar integrates wrestling into his MMA greater than any other lightweight currently in the UFC.